What is RPR’s Advanced Multi-List Platform (AMP)?

Advanced Multi-List Platform (AMP) – The MLS Database Reinvented

In today’s cloud-connected, bring-your-own-device world of technology, our MLS infrastructure is starting to look a little long in the tooth. The MLS concept itself remains as dynamic and energetic as it ever was, but for a variety of reasons many of the tools seem stuck in the past—some don’t work in modern Web browsers, many do not have their own mobile apps. Brokers and agents want choice—the same choices we expect and enjoy as Internet consumers. And there are many technology companies ready to innovate the MLS experience, if only they could get connected.

RPR AMP™ brings MLS technology into the modern era by leveraging the RPR platform—a nationwide, parcel-centric database. This allows application developers to provide a broad range of products so that MLSs can offer their subscribers choice and flexibility in the tools they offer. “Front end of choice” is a concept the real estate industry has been talking about forever; now, with AMP™ it is being executed. Choice opens the database to innovative developers to create applications that are available across all MLSs powered by AMP™. That makes it easy for MLSs to deliver more options to brokers and agents.

With AMP™, MLSs can partner with developers and software companies to offer a broad range of tools/applications to subscribers.  It’s important to note that developers and software companies are required to be licensed through the MLS and must follow industry standards for requesting and receiving data.


Any front end system can work with the RPR AMP™ back end


Support for many possible applications

Technology Framework

The following are some of the technical requirements that will be built into the AMP system.

Database Technology

Leverages the assets and scale of the Realtors Property Resource Platform — the largest, most complete database of real property in the country.


AMP is built on the RPR roles-based platform that allows MLSs to define who gets access to what data. MLSs also control all licenses of third-party applications.

API Framework

Vendors can integrate faster and easier through an interface that is consistent across all MLSs.

Application Market

Allows agents and brokers to pick only the tools they need and pay only for the tools they use

Contact RPR

Please let us know if your MLS would like to assist RPR in the development and testing of AMP.