What is AMP?

The MLS Database Reimagined

The Advanced Multi-List Platform™ (AMP™) reimagines the architecture of the modern MLS by providing technology that expands the type, quantity, and quality of tools and applications offered by both large and small MLSs to their subscribers.

What drives AMP’s innovative technologies? Choice & flexibility.

  • AMP creates an open marketplace where subscribers choose either a small set of individual applications, a full-featured traditional MLS system, or both.

  • With AMP’s open architecture, application developers can innovate like never before, bringing dozens of new products and services to subscribers.

  • AMP allows the MLS to maintain control over its data and application offerings.

How does AMP work for the MLS?

Expanded choices and greater flexibility

MLSs have a variety of options when choosing an AMP-powered business model. You control how services are bundled and offered to subscribers, as well as retain complete authority over partnering developers and software companies.

Flexible options include …

  • The Traditional Route: A single, full-featured front-end.

    Bundle it with the AMP database and bill subscribers one flat rate for the entire package.

  • Ala-carte Model: No standard front-end.

    Offer agents the total flexibility to select only the tools they want and need.

  • Hybrid Versions: A full-featured default interface.

    Supplement with individual tools that subscribers choose for specialized tasks.

“We’re excited about AMP because RPR is stepping out and saying something different—stuff that we’ve been saying for years. Current systems are really just the MLS book on a computer. Something has to change to offer members the technologies they want within the MLS.“

Tina Grimes, CEORogue Valley Association of REALTORS ® and Southern Oregon MLS

“Change will happen with or without you. How much better will it be if you participate and have a voice in how your members do business? That’s vital to being a leader in this industry.”

Karen Becker, CEOSE Minnesota Association of REALTORS® and SEMAR MLS

No matter which model you choose, AMP provides ways for subscribers to use different tools for a variety of tasks:

  • Listing agents who may only need CMA and market research tools.

  • Buyer agents who may only need property search and tour info.

  • Appraisers who may only need comparative properties and in-depth valuation tools.

Technology Framework

  • Database Technology

    Leverages the assets and scale of RPR — the nation’s premier property database and reporting platform.

  • Security

    AMP is built on the RPR roles-based platform that allows MLSs to define who gets access to what data.

  • API Framework

    Vendors can integrate faster and easier through an interface consistent across all MLSs.

  • Application Market

    Allows agents and brokers to pick only the tools they need.

AMP Benefits for MLS

AMP offers benefits to the MLS well beyond anything that current technology is capable of offering. As you consider each benefit, remember AMP is an alternative to your MLS technology, NOT a replacement for your MLS system.

Benefits for Agents

  • Choice

    Choose from a gallery of applications, not previously available from traditional MLS systems.

  • Flexibility

    Mix and match tools from different vendors to suit needs, business plans, and work styles.

  • Consistency

    Data stays in sync as agents work across multiple applications.

  • Increased Efficiencies

    Entering and updating listings is easier and more streamlined.

Benefits for Brokers

  • Control over applications

    Utilize your brand-differentiating technology to promote tools to agents, allowing them to reduce costs through the unbundling of MLS “core services.”

  • Consistent Broker branding

    Standardize company tools by offering agents approved applications for use in any market where your brokerage operates.

  • Single, standardized data feeds

    Receive a single data feed from multiple, participating MLSs in a standardized format, delivered via industry-standard protocols.

Benefits for Technology Vendors

  • Faster time to market

    Developers write programs once and work on any AMP™ powered MLS system anywhere.

  • Opportunities for new and innovative software

    Open architecture enables new, smaller developers to enter the marketplace. Developers enable their applications to work in every market without modification, across multiple MLS systems.

  • Built-in potential client base

    Technology vendors access additional open markets, more agents are available to buy their products, and more opportunities increases revenue with lower development and support costs.

  • Faster, easier MLS integrations

    Vendors no longer write new code for every MLS system, or convert products when the MLS changes system vendors, or adds a new data field.

“We are on the verge of a seismic shift in the industry. Future systems based on the AMP platform will become more modular, the pieces will work together, and security will be managed more effectively across these systems. ”

Rob Overman, Founder and CTORobotiK Software

“Since Spring was built on an API, rewiring part of the product to pull data from the AMP API is easy. Spring customers will be able to sustain the user experience consumers and agents have become accustomed to, while allowing the MLS to upgrade its backend technology or change providers.”

Matt Fowler, CEO and Co-founderSolid Earth

Trusted technology vendors building applications for AMP, include …


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