RPR Advanced Multi-List Platform (AMP) Webinar

This exclusive online presentation of the Advanced Multi-list Platform™ (AMP™) will highlight how and why an AMP partnership could benefit your MLS, with topics ranging from:

  • What is AMP and why is RPR creating it?
  • How will AMP benefit my Association or MLS?
  • What are the risks of trying AMP in my market?
  • What has been the reaction from the system vendors?
  • When will AMP be delivered and when can we see it?

This interactive webinar, led by Bob Bemis, RPR Vice President of Business Technologies, will feature Jeff Young, RPR Chief of Operations and special guests who will discuss their thoughts on the benefits of AMP for their MLSs.

We will also field questions from the audience. If you would like to submit a question in advance of the webinar, please click here or send an email to: AMP@NARRPR.com

Can’t wait?

Thanks for visiting the AMP Webinar registration page. If you just can’t wait for our next webinar in December, we suggest you watch this recording of the October session, which featured an interview with Stratus Data Systems CEO Carlos Grass. Thanks for your interest in AMP.

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