AMP Case Study Series

If you’ve attended any of our webinars, you know we frequently bring on MLS leaders, in AMP early adopter markets, as panelists to share their insights on how AMP can benefit their members. Here we will share their expert opinions via a series of informative videos, a.k.a., case studies. Each piece will highlight the benefits of AMP as it relates to their MLSs as well as their respective agents, brokers, and REALTOR® associations.

AMP Case Study: RobotiK Software

Rob Overman was our guest for the December AMP webinar and demonstrated an early version of RobotiK MLS. This Case Study is the interview portion of that webinar, which includes the sneak peek at RobotiK MLS.

AMP™ Case Study: Carlos Grass

In this interview, Stratus Data Systems CEO Carlos Grass speaks to his organization’s approach to software development, how Stratus will work with AMP and other databases, and what Carlos sees as the future of MLS technology.

AMP™ Case Study: Matt Fowler

The latest AMP™ case study features Matt Fowler, CEO of Solid Earth, Inc.

AMP™ Case Study: Tina Grimes

The latest AMP™ case study features Tina Grimes, CEO of the Rogue Valley Association of REALTORS® and Southern Oregon MLS.

RPR AMP™ Case Study: Karen Becker

This first AMP™ case study features Karen Becker, CEO of the Southeast Minnesota Association of REALTORS®.