How to run RPR Economic Area Reports

Step 1

Login to RPR at

Select Data Tools at the top of screen

Step 2

Select For Associations

Step 3

Select Economic Area Reports

Step 4

Select the elements you want to include in your report

  • Check the right hand side of the screen to select or change any cover page elements.
  • Use a branded cover page with one or two association logos, or the RPR cover (logos should be provided to RPR during the registration process).
  • Also, choose which contact elements to display on your cover page, including your name, contact information, etc.

Step 5

Select the geography you want to use for your report

  • For a Federal Economic Area Report, first pick your state, and then either run the report for the entire state, or choose a congressional district within the state.
  • For a Local Economic Area Report, you can select areas on a map or use the pull down menu to select a State Legislative District. You also have the option of typing in a ZIP, city or county.
  • To save your report area for future use, click the Save Area button on the top right of the map. A pop-up window will display where you can name your saved area.

Step 6

  • Agree to the terms of use by checking the box
  • Click Run Report
  • You can also access all previous reports run, under the My Reports section