How to run Economic Reports

Step 1.

Login to RPR at and click on the “Data Tools” link at the top of the RPR Home Page, next to the RPR Commercial link.

Step 2.

Select the “For Associations” link

Step 3.

Select the Economic Area Reports tab

If either the Legislative and Economics Report Registration form, or the Legislative and Economic Reports section of the Association Dashboard Registration form has been submitted with the logo provided, it will appear in the upper left corner of the window (example here is the Metro Association logo) and you will be able to print reports with your logo.

If we have not received a registration form for your association, only the name of your Association will appear and you will be able to print reports with the NAR logo, but not a local or state logo until we have received the association registration.

If we have received them, both a state and a local association logo can be chosen, or they can be chosen individually, or the NAR logo can be displayed by selecting it from the list of state associations in the pull-down menu.

Step 4.

You can generate reports with or without the logo. You can watch this video to see how to do this or follow these instructions:

1. Select the elements you want to include in your report:

Before you begin to define your report elements, check the right hand side of the screen to select or change any cover page elements.  You can use a Branded cover page with one — or two — association logos, or the RPR cover.  The logos must be provided to RPR via the registration process. You can also choose which contact elements to display on your cover page – including your name, contact information, etc.

2. Select the Geography

Next, choose the area you want to use for the report.  For a Federal Economic Report, you’ll first pick your state, and then either run the report for the entire state, or choose a congressional district within the state.  For a Local Economic Area report you can enter a ZIP, city or county. To save your report area for future use, click on the “save area” button on the top right of the map. A pop-up window will display where you can name your saved area.

3. Agree to the Terms of Use and Run Report

Last, you’ll agree to the terms of use by checking the box and click “Run Report.”  You can also access all previous reports run, under the “My Reports” section.