Investment Analysis

You may have a client who needs to know how much to invest in a property to make it viable. Or what the long term potential is to them in the form of rent or a sale. When you need to do financial analytical research on commercial properties, RPR’s Valuate® is the perfect resource. Valuate® is a web-based financial analysis and marketing tool that helps the user take a deep dive into number crunching and forecasting. This video will show, step-by-step, how you can easily access Valuate® to perform real-time, interactive investment analyses in a collaborative work environment—one that leads to more insightful, impactful and efficient conversations with prospects and clients.

RPR Mobile - Commercial

Chances are, you’re constantly out in the field and on-the-go. The RPR Mobile app gives you the capability to access commercial data and property reports via your smartphone or tablet. This quick video will show you how to download the app and how to get started using it. You’ll learn how to pull up maps, run property reports, view details and photos, and all types of other research. The RPR Mobile app is conveniently synced with your desktop version, so all of the saved information is there to access.

Commercial Map

This video will help Commercial members master the maps of RPR. These thematic maps provide a visual analysis, with layer after layer of important data that can be extracted and used to determine what types of businesses have the best chance for success. Topics such as trade areas, points of interest, traffic statistics, and heat maps are covered, as well as how to use the RPR map drawing tool to set search parameters.

Strategic Site Selection

When you become a little more experienced with using RPR, you can start taking advantage of RPR’s more in-depth data and analysis. This video shows Commercial users, through easy-to-follow “how-to” directional arrow call-outs, three important capabilities within RPR Commercial: 1) How to find the right people for a business, 2) How to find the best location for a business, and 3) How to find the best business for a location.

Understanding the Community

In this next video, you’ll dive a little deeper into the layers of data RPR offers for Commercial users. You’ll see how to search a trade area, and how to prepare a Commercial Trade Area Report. The information within these reports will help you figure out what neighborhoods and communities are the best fit for a particular business type. You’ll also learn how economic, demographic and consumer profiles can show your clients what properties are the best place to set up shop and which are the best investments.

On your first visit to RPR

If you’re Commercial real estate practitioner, getting started in RPR Commercial is an excellent to gain access to important data. This video, which you should view once you’ve set up an RPR account, gives a good overview of all the research and data available. It will show you, in under five minutes, how to navigate the site. You’ll also learn how to search a property, how to view the Property Details page, and get useful tips on creating your first property report.

Getting to Know a Community

Whether you’re advising a client as a tenant, owner occupier or investor, one of the key drivers to their success lies in you placing them in the right community to support their business. With ESRI Tapestry segmentation you can go beyond typical economic and demographic research to truly understand the people that live around a building. This will ensure that your client will be surrounded by the right consumers, employees or tenants.

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Land Development for Industrial Buildings

Creating a back-of-the-envelope analysis (BOTE) for your next development has never been easier. Valuate® allows you to quickly plug in key factors to determine on a pre tax basis net sales proceeds, tax profits and profit margin.