Entries by Dale Ross

CEO Update | March 2018

RPR training programs have earned a place among key Association/MLS staff seeking to meet Core Standards initiatives. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate joins other national franchisors who offer RPR company branding. And the ACE program marks its one-year anniversary with higher than expected year-end returns.

CEO Update – August 2017

This month’s product update includes great news for RPR Mobile™ users. The app now includes Comps Analysis Express, a new feature that allows users to create a comparative analysis from the RPR Property Details page by way of a simple, four-step process. The end result is a detailed, comprehensive Seller’s Report, branded with the REALTOR’S® information.

CEO Update – July 2017

Every REALTOR® has a vested interest in this month’s CEO Update. From understanding how the concept of “open architecture” will transform the real estate industry, to Smart Growth grants that help REALTORS® attract homebuyers and investors to their communities, and how lockbox technology is affected by marketplace innovations.

CEO Update – June 2017

On June 27, 2017, RPR® released version 1.61, marking the 62nd product release since the launch of the Residential Platform in September 2010. The latest release includes a new energy consumption dataset provided by Tendril, an industry leader. Now in the Home Energy Consumption section of both the website and mobile, REALTORS® can access estimated monthly energy costs, an energy score, and a home energy consumption breakdown.

CEO Update – May 2017

On May 23, 2017, RPR® released version 1.60, marking the 61st product release since the launch of the Residential Platform in September 2010. This latest release includes a new simplified account creation wizard and an improved process to reset passwords. The release also includes new search filters and controls for creating a Market Activity Report, or searching for market activity from a computer or mobile device.