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U.S. based RPR Call Center works 24/7 to meet the needs of REALTORS®

What do login issues, mobile apps, and search inquiries have in common? They each rank among the top ten most common inquiries received by the Call Center at Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®). RPR’s call center, housed in Omaha, Nebraska, fields phone calls, chats, and email requests from REALTORS® across the country. Abe Wagner, a veteran […]

Easy Tips for the Perfect Headshot

Who am I? It’s the age-old philosophical question that you probably didn’t get into the real estate industry to try and answer… but alas, your prospective clients will want to know. Real estate agents were some of the first professionals to use a headshot to brand themselves, and it’s little wonder why. A client chooses…

Simple Real Estate Photography Tips: Shooting Outside

A picture is worth a thousand words…provided, of course, that you’ve taken a good picture. First impressions in the Real Estate world can be incredibly impactful, and for many potential homebuyers these first impressions often come in the form of a picture. A good one can showcase a property in a way that words and numbers simply can’t, giving life and depth to a listing. A poor one, on the other hand, is a missed opportunity.

MyRPR Spotlight: Andrea Bakewell

Andrea Bakewell is in her 8th year as a REALTOR® in Little Rock, Arkansas. Andrea has many clients, many of them first time buyers and investors. She also works frequently with military families who are moving in and out of the area. As a military family, you are often relocated to a place you’ve never been, and Andrea makes it her job to make sure all her clients, especially military families, are as educated as possible.

MyRPR Spotlight: Dave Kidder

Dave Kidder, a REALTOR® from Fresno, CA, is always looking for a way to set himself apart from other agents. Specializing in new homes and specifically the “Builder Trade-In Program,” Dave works to make sure his clients have all the information they need whether they are buying, selling or investing.