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3 ways RPR mobile™ can enhance your business

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In today’s world, most consumers are juggling multiple priorities, a busy schedule and want instant access to the information they’re looking for.  When it comes to real estate, they expect the same results. Nearly 8 out of 10 homebuyers are accessing property information on either their smartphones or tablets[1]. In fact, 88 percent of homebuyers […]

Creating the ultimate listing package with an RPR report

sellerSeller's Report

REALTORS® know that when you walk into a listing appointment, you must be prepared. Prepared with property knowledge. Prepared with concrete market data. Prepared to impress. You must be sure that your listing presentation educates your soon-to-be clients while connecting with them at the same time. And when you are finished with the presentation, you […]

Build your business with RPR

Build your business with RPR

With the arrival of summer, we often see an increase in activity in the real estate market. Traditionally, spring and summer are the ‘busy’ times for real estate. RPR can help you take advantage of the market upswing by increasing your business. Did you know that RPR is a great resource for prospecting? Let’s take […]

In The ‘Zone’


As the school year comes to an end, the seasonal upswing in the market is just beginning.  Many buyers and sellers, especially those with children, time their next move with the completion of one school year and the beginning of another.  And as buyers are looking for certain qualities in a home like number of […]

Build Listing Inventory with RPR

With the arrival of spring, we often see an increase in activity in the real estate market.  Traditionally, spring and summer are the ‘busy’ times for real estate.  RPR can help you take advantage of the market upswing by increasing your business.   Did you know that RPR is a great resource for prospecting?   Let’s take […]

Home Improvements: Make them Count!


Have you ever sat with a client who asked you what their remodeled bathroom is worth? What about their recently renovated kitchen? What about a client who wants to know how much replacing windows or a roof on a house they are looking at purchasing will increase the home’s value? Clients want to get the […]

Reports Built for Branding

brand defines brand as, “a kind or variety of something distinguished by some distinctive characteristics.”  Oftentimes when we think of the word ‘brand’, we may think of a brand of coffee: Starbucks, Peet’s, or Folgers, a brand of jeans: Levi’s, Wrangler, or Lucky, or even a brand of car: Toyota, Honda, Tesla.  Each of these […]

Introducing RPR v1.29

Local Area Economic Report

Last night RPR released version 1.29 of the Realtors Property Resource® website. At the heart of the release is additional functionality to two main features: The RPR Dashboard and RPR Search. RPR Dashboard The Local Economic Area Report, offered alongside the Federal Economic Area Report in the RPR Dashboard, summarizes the demographics, consumer behavior and […]

Changing the way you communicate with clients

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Because you’re on the RPR blog, it’s likely you already know how powerful the RPR reports can be when communicating with clients, especially the detailed Market Activity Report.  But what about sending those reports by email, with a video message to past clients highlighting the status of their local market…that’s sure to impress and could […]

Making a Point with RPR Commercial’s Maps

Commercial POI

What comes to mind when you think of ‘Points of Interest’ (POI’s)?  Airports? Libraries?  Schools? To many, points of interest are simply places on a map.  But what if you could use POI’s to help educate clients beyond just showing them what’s nearby? To give REALTORS® even more data in their arsenal of information, RPR […]

Anatomy of an RPR® Property Report

Anatomy of an RPR® Property Report

You’ve probably heard us talk about RPR Reports and how they can help REALTORS® increase their business, impress clients and solidify a pricing opinion. We’ve given you “5 Reasons why an RPR Report is all you need at a Listing Presentation,” and “3 Reasons to Incorporate RPR’s Market Activity Report in your business.”  But exactly […]

A look back at the 2013 REALTOR® Conference and Expo

With the REALTORS® Conference and Expo recently wrapping up in San Francisco, we wanted to look back and share a few resources for those unable to attend. This year the RPR booth design was inspired by our MyRPR campaign. We included quotes from REALTORS® highlighting how they are successfully using RPR in their business. We […]