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CEO Update-March 2014


RPR Releases Version 1.29 On March 11, 2014, RPR released version 1.29 of the Realtors Property Resource® platform. At the heart of the release is additional functionality of two main features: a custom version of the RPR Local Economic Area Report and enhancements to RPR Search.  The Local Economic Area Report, offered alongside the Federal Economic Area […]

CEO Update-February 2014


RPR extends integration with Fannie Mae HomePath Properties Fannie Mae recently announced a special incentive for HomePath properties in 27 states during the FirstLook™ period.  FirstLook™ is a program which allows owner occupants who are buying the home as their primary residence to submit offers and purchase properties without competition from investor offers. REALTORS® can […]

CEO Update-January 2014


RPR Releases Version 1.28 RPR released product version 1.28 on January 15, 2014. This release includes our MLS and Association Dashboard, previously available in a beta version, as well as a local version of the Economic Area Report. This local version is designed to serve Association Governmental Affairs Directors (GADs) and leadership in discussions with […]

CEO Update-December 2013


RPR Year End 2013 In 2013 RPR began the year with the goal of releasing high value products for each of the specific industry segments of the REALTOR® family (Agents, Brokers, Commercial, Appraisers, MLSs and Associations). RPR released 8 major product releases in 2013, bringing the total number of new feature releases to 30 since […]

CEO Update-November 2013

CEO Update - November

RPR Releases Version 1.27 Since RPR’s initial residential launch in September 2010, the RPR development team has been continually improving the RPR Application. These enhancements include not only additional products for specific industry segments of the REALTOR® family, such as Broker Tool Sets, the RPR Commercial Application, and Sale Comparison Analysis Tools for Appraisers, but […]

CEO Update-October 2013


RPR Releases Version 1.26 The focus of version 1.26 of the Realtors Property Resource application is a Beta release of the RPR Dashboard.  This feature is designed to assist Associations and MLSs to better serve their membership with information from RPR.  Additionally, this release also includes a new multi-unit map bubble in the Comp Analysis […]

CEO Update-September 2013

Valuation Workbook-newsletter2

In this CEO Update, RPR Releases Sales Comparison Analysis Tool and Version 1.25 of the application. RPR Commercial Launches in Louisiana, Mississippi, Northern Illinois, Kentucky and Nebraska. RPR also introduces the latest MyRPR User Story.

CEO Update – August 2013

CEO Update - August 2013

In this issue: Coldwell Banker Endorses RPR Midwest Real Estate Data, LLC. (MRED) Executes Licensed Partnership RPR Releases Version 1.24 New MyRPR User Story Coldwell Banker Endorses Realtors Property Resource® Coldwell Banker became the first national brand to endorse RPR and launched an internal campaign to its franchise network, encouraging their agents and managers to

RPR Begins Beta on Sales Comparison Analysis Tools, Mid Florida Association Launches, New RPR Partnerships, and Redesigned RPR Blog Release

CEO Update - July 2013

RPR Begins Sales Comparison Analysis Beta Testing Members of NAR’s Real Property Valuation Committee, Florida REALTORS® Appraisal Council and additional members across the country began Beta testing RPR’s Sales Comparison Analysis Tools, and Valuation Workbook. The Sales Comparison Analysis feature is a powerful way to evaluate property using area sales information, and comparable listings to […]

RPR Partner Integrations, New MLS Partner Contracts, and MyRPR stories


RPR Increases Focus on Integration Features with MLS Partners. RPR launched its Residential Application to MLS Licensed Partners in September, 2010 after successful national Beta testing. Since that time, MLSs have found many ways to create custom integration with valuable RPR features, including links to RPR property details, Neighborhood tabs, and RPR’s public records Application […]

RPR Announces New MLS Partners and Large Market Launches Across the Country


Since RPR’s National Launch to All REALTORS®, a number of large Associations and MLSs have executed license agreements with RPR in order to provide their REALTOR® members with local MLS data integrations within the RPR Application. RPR is pleased to announce the execution of RPR Licensed Partnerships with the following large MLSs in 2013. Orlando […]

New RPR Release, AEI Update and MyRPR User Stories

CEO Update March 2013

RPR Version Release 1.21 RPR released version 1.21 this week into production. This release includes a variety of enhancements—as well as behind-the-scenes work on the RPR Appraiser Tools, targeted for beta testing in April. RPR also created a fresh homepage, a new look for reports, and new data for the Charts tab on the Property […]