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Select and Sort Your Way to RPR’s Enhanced School Search and Reports

RPR's newest release to its school searching and reporting features offer REALTORS® increased opportunities to find the best fit for their clients.

What's behind this agency's successful farming strategy? Relationship building

"Belly-to-belly" are some of the wisest words ever spoken about real estate marketing to this New York broker who says one of her most successful strategies for earning new business is farming neighborhoods.

5 Real Estate Shortfalls and how to Avoid Them

By avoiding shortfalls, such as an unimpressive pricing presentation or inadequate marketing strategy, agents significantly increase their chances of kicking that ball across the goal line.

5 Amazing RPR® Commercial Tools to Try Right Now

A multi-dimensional approach to real estate can serve as the tipping point for winning that listing, landing new clients, and pinpointing the perfect location for a business venture.

The Ultimate Real Estate Road Warrior Survival Checklist

As a REALTOR™, your car often serves as your second, or even primary office. You’re either heading to a listing appointment or out with a buyer, maybe somewhere in between. While your daily schedule changes based on the needs of your clients from day to day, it’s easy to forget something you might need that day. To make it easier, we’ve put together a checklist for your road warrior work style.

4 Steps to Use RPR with Your Relocation Business

As the old saying goes, make your first impression count. And now, It’s never been easier to impress and create a one-of-a-kind experience with Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®). Up your game with analytical tools and client-friendly reports...

U.S. based RPR® Call Center works 24/7 to meet the needs of REALTORS®

What do login issues, mobile apps, and search inquiries have…

6 Cool New Enhancements to RPR Mobile™

Our job at RPR is to help REALTORS® succeed and we take that…

Secret Weapons for Geographical Farm Marketing

Impress prospective clients with answers on the go. Prior to walking your farm area, generate and save an RPR Market Activity Report. Then when you strike up a conversation with a homeowner, and want to share recent neighborhood sales activity, you can instantly email or text the report to the homeowner without