RPR v1.10, Appraiser Tool Sets and NAR Annual

RPR releases v1.10

Just prior to the NAR Annual Convention in Anaheim, RPR released version 1.10. New functions include a steam-lined new user account sign-up wizard, enhanced and updated census and demographic information in the RPR Neighborhoods tab, and a new investment analysis tool on every property. We also addressed over fifty internal system enhancements suggested by users though our customer supports systems.

Investment Analysis Tool

For a video overview of all the new features go here.

Appraiser Tool Sets begin development

In our ongoing effort to build Tool Sets for each of the RPR REALTOR® constituents, RPR formed a work group comprised of REALTOR® volunteers selected by the leadership of the NAR Appraisal Committee earlier this year.

This dedicated group has been providing the RPR Development Team with suggestions and feedback on high value tools for NAR members working in the Appraisal industry. The RPR Appraiser Tool Sets will offer advanced search features, expanded comps selection and data exporting, and auto-population for UAD required forms which will benefit REALTOR® Appraisers. Look for RPR Appraiser Tool Sets in 2012, and for more information, and a demonstration of the system goes to the new Appraiser section of the RPR blog.

RPR Blog

NAR Convention and Expo/RPR highlights

We want to thank everyone who came to see us at the RPR Booth, meetings or at either of the two RPR User Forums at the NAR Convention and Expo in Anaheim. We had a great turn-out and tremendous success stories of how agents and brokers across the country are benefitting from RPR. We’ve collected some photos of our time there working with members across the country, including a number of opportunities to create a MyRPR video to post on MyRPR.com. We invite you to preview some of our photos from a very successful 2011 NAR Convention.  Thanks again for all of your support.

From the entire RPR Team, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Dale L. Ross
CEO-Realtors Property Resource

11 replies
  1. Victor Lund
    Victor Lund says:

    Great stuff – now Appraisers will not not feel like second class citizens using residential real estate products. They will have a dedicated solution that supports their workflow. Kudos!

    • Reggie
      Reggie says:

      Thanks for the comment, Victor! Yes, honestly that’s the feedback from appraisers that I heard again and again at Annual this year. This is exciting stuff! Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  2. Sue
    Sue says:

    Thank you. I am waiting patiently for your product. I suspect it will be very exciting and hopefully a time saving tool. I have one question . Even though a home is known to be a foreclosure many real estate agents do not code it as such when they list the home in the MLS, and so when an appraiser uses the MLS search tools available and try to extract this informaiton our data is skewed. If a home is not coded as a foreclosure then how is the data you put together accurate? This is a troublesome problem in some markets in WI.

  3. Dan Daniels
    Dan Daniels says:

    Great product. I can’t wait to start teaching it. I’m already giving previews in my Post Licensing Classes


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