CEO Update – December 2016

2016 Year-End Wrap-Up

In 2016, RPR continued its mission to develop “best in class” data, analytics and reports for NAR’s 1.2 million REALTORS®. RPR’s Product Development team achieved 10 combined Mobile/Data/Website product releases, bringing RPR’s total number of product version releases to 57 since the launch of the RPR Residential Platform in 2010, averaging 9 releases a year. Highlights for 2016 included:

  • Integrations with both Sentrilock and zipForms
  • Release of RPR’s Mobile app for Commercial
  • Completion of a data processing re-architecture for high value data sets such as; Maponics, ESRI and Points of Interest
  • Market Analytics enhancements to the RPR Data Tool for Brokers, MLSs and Associations

RPR also continued extending its integration programs to additional markets to create licensed MLS partnerships, providing integrated local and regional listing data within RPR’s array of tools, features and reports to over 1,128,530 REALTORS®. RPR also achieved the following benchmarks in 2016:

  • RPR’s coverage of active residential listings surpassed 92% of all listings in the U.S.
  • RPR User Accounts – 638,000
  • RPR Mobile – 267,595 Downloads
  • RPR Users created over 3,000,000 custom reports
  • RPR Training Programs, (both live and web-based) reached over 88,600 REALTORS® via RPR’s customized live classes and webinars

To highlight the Top 10 features and enhancements of the RPR Platform, RPR has created a story on the RPR Blog titled, “10+ Great Things We Hope You Didn’t Miss in 2016.” These highlights contain something for everyone, including integrations with vendors you do business with, to features that expand your ability to meet the needs of clients and members alike. For the full recap, visit the RPR blog.

Additionally, RPR achieved numerous milestones in the development of its Advanced Multi-List Platform (AMP) project.  This year-long development culminated at the NAR Annual Convention, in Orlando FL, where five leading MLS technology vendors participated in a live demonstration of their front-end systems integrated with the AMP back-end database.  As of December 31, 2016, RPR is constructively engaged with 57 MLSs representing over 185,803 subscribers.  These MLSs are part of RPR’s AMP Partner Network and will be engaging in the market-level planning, as well as be included in the pool of the first markets selected for Beta testing of the AMP Platform in 2017.  For more information on RPR AMP™ visit:

Finally, RPR continued technology development for the Upstream project, in collaboration with, and following the strategic direction of UpstreamRE, LLC.  Upstream also achieved its own 2016 milestone at the NAR Convention in Orlando, FL.  The live demonstration of the Upstream prototype focused on how to enter a new listing, as an agent or listing coordinator, from one of the Upstream Pilot brokerages, then distributing the listings live to 7 integrated vendors.  Upstream Pilot markets were also extended to a group of Phase II markets in order to extend implementation programs in 2017.  For more information on Upstream’s 2016 milestones, visit the Upstream blog.

December Product Release Recap

RPR wrapped up its 10th product release in 2016 with two significant new features for residential and commercial users: traffic count data and custom report pages. Additionally,  the RPR Mobile app benefitted from the addition of residential lease data and open house information.

Insert PDF pages into Reports

Now both Broker/Owners and Agents can insert templated PDF pages into RPR reports. In-order for Brokers to upload PDF pages to reports, the Broker must be enrolled in the RPR Broker Tool Set program.  Once enrolled, up to 5 PDF’s can be inserted through a new Broker Administration Panel, accessible via the Data Tools area on the RPR website. Also, agents may elect to include another 5 PDF pages. This is available for all agents, and will allow high value RPR reports to include customized options such as testimonials, an agent bio, or even additional company or market statistics.

Traffic Counts

RPR now includes the industry’s most current traffic measurement product with 24-hour average daily traffic counts for highways and roads throughout the United States. These new counts are available in both the residential and commercial modes of your RPR app. The tool displays current and historical data based on average daily and average weekday traffic counts. Additionally, for Commercial practitioners who prefer to access traffic counts through the RPR website, first, search for a property, then choose Bigger Map and click on the Traffic Counts icon from the options provided.

REALTOR® Spotlight

Recently RPR was introduced to Garland Harris Jr. from the Houston, Texas area. Garland recently joined the REALTOR® family,  but has been working with real estate investors since 2014. By keeping his eyes open for opportunities, he has moved from watching developers as a service provider, to building an investment team and client base driven not only by profit, but also positive community impact.

Garland uses RPR with his investor clients in both residential and commercial situations. Garland shared that for his residential investment clients, he starts with a visit to his MLS and then researches the same property in RPR to gather secondary data to support the reasons behind an investment.  He then leverages RPR for the historical data, zoning maps, flood maps, and historic property values. For his commercial investors, he uses RPR to generate reports showing trade area data, best business reports based on competition for retail opportunities, and even look at points of Interest (POI’s) to see the competition surrounding a potential property.  Read more on how Garland has leveraged RPR to impress his investor clients on the RPR blog.

Best wishes for a successful 2017,

Dale L. Ross
Chief Executive Officer
Realtors Property Resource®, LLC
Chicago, IL

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