CEO Update – February 2017

RPR Releases Version 1.57

On February 7, 2017, RPR® released version 1.57, marking the 58th product release since the launch of its Residential Platform in September 2010. This release delivered a number of enhancements, including the addition of Under Contract properties to the comps search feature, new price display options on the RPR Property Flyer, and proximity to subject property feature, which has been added to the Seller’s Report. Also in this release, details have been added to provide insight into how RPR calculates square footage, and what sources were used for the computation.

Additionally, now from within the RPR Mobile™ app, users can access Valuate® and perform quick, detailed investment projection analyses on a residential or commercial property.

To get a complete review of the latest enhancements, visit the RPR blog.

RPR Executes Agreement with Kansas Association of REALTORS® Subsidiary for Upstream Training

Realtors Property Resource, LLC® (RPR) has executed an agreement with Kansas Association of REALTORS® subsidiary Real Estate Business Resources (REBR), to provide third party training support for the Upstream Project. REBR staff will be utilized to complement RPR’s existing national training network to provide web-based, end-user training on the Upstream system, as the project transitions to its Beta testing phase in 2017.

“We are excited and proud to be an integral part of the Upstream Project,” said REBR Chairman Brian Jones. “We look forward to supporting agents and brokerages in using this game changing technology.”

In order to learn how to best support users and staff at the brokerage, MLS and Association level, RPR staff conducted a series of in-market “Discovery” meetings over Q4 2016. Each meeting focused on training features and programs through interaction with staff at each organizational level, and observation of current listing input processes and how they are supported by staff.

“Our goal has always been to minimize the impact Upstream has on our stakeholders,” said UpstreamRE, LLC™ CEO Alex Lange. “Having a dependable and client-centric support and training team is imperative to our success, and our partnership with RPR and REBR creates that winning combination.”

For more on this announcement, visit the complete press release.

RPR Offers New Workshops for Commercial Agents and Brokers

With the expansion of Commercial data and reporting to the RPR Mobile™ app, it’s more important than ever to provide high value classes to assist agents and brokers with leveraging these powerful tools. Over the coming months, RPR is offering three new classes designed to guide you through using RPR in ways that will save you time, and give your clients a reason to keep coming to you for their commercial real estate needs.

The new classes offered by RPR include:

3 Key Benefits to Wow Commercial Clients

  • Provide clients with more data—from property information to consumer details
  • Save time and money with site selection tools
  • Work from anywhere with RPR Mobile™

Creating the Perfect Presentation Package

  • Identify the best location and generate reports that will backup your decision
  • Add your knowledge to Property Reports enhancing the listing and public record data
  • Use Trade Area Reports to reinforce how a community matches your client’s needs

Valuing Long Term Real Estate Investments For You and Your Clients

  • Analyze a property to determine its ROI
  • Adjust assumptions affecting property incomes and expenses
  • Compare investment scenarios and export information

To learn more about these new class offerings, visit the RPR blog.

REALTOR® Spotlight

Recently RPR was introduced to Jickson Chacko with Cherry Creek Properties in the Denver metro area. Jickson uses the RPR app to connect with prospects as their questions arise. “Wherever I am, personally or professionally, it just comes naturally to talk to people about real estate,” says Jickson. “And using the RPR app as my icebreaker, I’m able to transition a casual conversation into a working relationship with ease.”

All it takes is an email address for Jickson to capture a commitment. “Right then and there, I’ll create an RPR Property Report and send it to them using my phone. Within seconds, they’ve got more accurate information than they thought possible.”

Read the full story on how Jickson Chacko uses the RPR app to impress prospects and win more deals.


Dale L. Ross
Chief Executive Officer
Realtors Property Resource®, LLC
Chicago, IL

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