CEO Update – January 2017

Northern Ohio MLSs Execute License Agreements with RPR

The Northern Ohio Regional Multiple Listing Service (NORMLS) and the Centralized Real Estate Listing Service (CRIS) recently executed data content license agreements with Realtors Property Resource® to license data to RPR’s national property database. This will allow the combined membership of over 10,300 REALTORS®  to access their regional listing data within the RPR Platform. While each of these MLSs signed individual agreements, they will be using the combined Northeast Ohio Regional Exchange (NEOHREX) system, containing both MLSs data to map into a single feed. The NEOHREX system covers 36 counties in Ohio and West Virginia.

“Our Board of Governors of the Northern Ohio Regional Multiple Listing Service has voted to provide RPR with its listing content from the Cleveland and surrounding areas. We believe this will give RPR a critical piece of the database they are compiling for REALTORS® across the country,” said Carl DeMusz, President & CEO, Northern Ohio Regional MLS.

REALTOR® members of both NORMLS and CRIS now have the benefit of their MLS data integrated within the full array of RPR’s features, including tools and reports,” said RPR CEO Dale Ross. “And with the added value of RPR Mobile™, members will access RPR’s cutting edge technology, features, and reports directly on their smartphones and tablets.”

    RPR Receives Prestigious Award From Nation’s Largest Local REALTOR® Association

    MiamiIn February, RPR will be honored as the 2016 Commercial Product of the Year by the Miami Association of Realtors® (Miami AOR). This award is based upon a series of RPR Commercial enhancements designed to create additional business resources for agents and brokers serving Commercial consumers.

    “We are excited to award RPR Commercial as our Realtors Commercial Alliance (RCA) Product of the Year for 2016 for the MIAMI Association of Realtors®,” said Teresa King Kinney, CEO, MIAMI Association of Realtors®. “It was the unanimous choice of our Awards Committee as the outstanding resource of the year for our more than 2,000 commercial members, as well as for the rest of our 45,000 members who have an interest in commercial / investment properties.”

    Specifically, RPR’s 2016 major enhancements to its Commercial applications include:

    For additional details, visit the RPR blog.

    New Feature Release: Insert Custom PDF Pages Into RPR Reports

    The December 2016 version of RPR’s product release provides REALTORS® with the ability to upload custom PDF pages to RPR reports. This new feature is an excellent way to showcase additional information not already included in RPR reports, such as agent biographies, testimonials, and marketing / promotional materials.

    The enhancement request came from Brokers enrolled in RPR’s Broker Tool Set, who requested the ability to add customized company information to RPR reports, making for a better overall presentation by agents to their consumers. With this new feature, those utilizing the Broker Tool Set’s Company Branding feature allow agents the option to include up to an additional five PDF pages. To read more on this new feature, visit the RPR blog.

    AMP Case Study: RobotiK Software

    robotikRPR continues to partner with five of the industry’s leading technology companies to work with RPR’s AMP project in 2017. RobotiK Software is building a fully-featured front end for the AMP system that will include all of the tools (such as listing add/edit) which agents need to run their businesses. On a recent AMP webinar, RobotiK Founder Rob Overman provided a sneak preview of the RobotiK MLS system and shared the benefits he has experienced developing on the AMP Application Programming Interface (API).

    To learn more about RPR AMP, visit the RPR blog.

    REALTOR® Spotlight

    poissoRecently, RPR was introduced to Kimberly Poisso, a REALTOR® with Straughan Real Estate in Winnfield, Louisiana. Kimberly believes that educating buyers while touring properties gives them a fresh perspective on its value and helps with their decision making process. Armed with the RPR app, she uses every opportunity to educate clients by providing accurate and insightful information at the moment they inquire about a property.

    Recently, one of Kimberly’s buyers inquired about a nearby home for sale, which was offered at a significantly lower price compared to the one they had already toured. “It’s my job to help them discover what makes one house better than the other” says Kimberly. “So, right there, alongside the buyer, I pull up the two listings on my RPR app, go over each home’s basic characteristics like number of bedrooms and square footage; and even get into upgrades, taxes, mortgage info, schools, area amenities and more, which paints a much larger picture for them.”

    Read the full story on how Kimberly Poisso uses the RPR app to educate her clients.


    Dale L. Ross
    Chief Executive Officer
    Realtors Property Resource®, LLC
    Chicago, IL

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