IR Realigns Resources, New Branding and more

RPR Realigns Resources to Focus on MLS Support and Customer Service

As RPR surpassed the milestone of 500,000 REALTORS® represented by MLS contracts across the country at the NAR Mid-Year meetings in May, RPR staff began to focus on the role of customer service in almost 300 MLSs. RPR has been supporting MLSs in a number of ways since its initial launch in September of 2010, including pre and post-launch communications, train the trainer classes for MLS staff, and support systems designed to help MLSs deliver RPR tools and features to their members.

Beginning June 1, 2011, the RPR Industry Relations Team was reorganized to add an additional layer of customer support to both MLSs and the REALTOR® users of the RPR system in each market. The transition into a higher level of support includes the addition of two new Market Manager positions arranged geographically around the country. These additional resources will assist RPR with increasing awareness and adoption of RPR in its live markets, giving REALTORS® greater access to valuable tools to make them more efficient and knowledgeable with their clients and customers. For more information on this program, visit the recent Industry Relations announcement.

New RPR Branding for REALTOR® Constituencies

Since its introduction to the industry, RPR has communicated that one of its core functions would be to create specific Tool Sets for constituencies/or specialties within the REALTOR® family. Those constituents have been identified by RPR as Agents, Brokers, Commercial, Appraisers, Associations and MLSs. For over a year, RPR has been working with these constituents through work groups, task forces and meeting with industry leaders to determine the highest value tools for each group, and begin development of products and features to service their needs within the RPR platform. With the Beta release of the Broker Tool Sets in May, the first of these products lines is entering the market. Additionally, RPR is working with groups of Commercial and Appraiser Leadership to create both the RPR Commercial Application and the Appraiser Tools, each available later this year. To properly represent these strategies, the RPR Design Team created a new set of branding to identify the products and features that mean the most to you.

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