New RPR Release, AEI Update and MyRPR User Stories

 RPR Version Release 1.21

RPR released version 1.21 this week into production. This release includes a variety of enhancements—as well as behind-the-scenes work on the RPR Appraiser Tools, targeted for beta testing in April. RPR also created a fresh homepage, a new look for reports, and new data for the Charts tab on the Property Details pages and across the Neighborhood Details pages. For more information, visit the RPR help desk.

RPR At the Association Executives Institute (AEI)

RPR Staff attended the AEI Conference in San Diego, CA on March 16-19 and was provided the opportunity to promote RPR’s upcoming Association Dashboard development. RPR’s update at the AE luncheon focused on the current work of the volunteer Task Force in creating the features and tools for Associations. RPR also had the opportunity to present the concepts for two new reports.

  • RPR’s Federal Political Coordinator (FPC) Report: The design of this report will be to leverage the RPR demographic, census, lifestyle, and consumer tapestry data to create congressional district reports for FPC’s to deliver to their Congressperson for their District meetings, branded with the State and Local Associations.
  • RPR Trade Area Report for Economic Development Corporations (EDC’s): This report will utilize RPR’s existing Commercial Trade Area Analysis functions to assist Association Leadership in providing economic information to regional, county and municipal EDC’s.

The response to RPR’s proposed Legislative Resources was positive.

Catylist Promotes RPR

Catylist announced a partnership with RPR, which involves technology support and efficiencies for CIE’s and Commercial MLSs who elect to execute a Data License Agreement with RPR. RPR has enjoyed a number of such partnerships in its Residential Application, and is pleased to have built a positive relationship with Catylist in order facilitate ease of integration with RPR Commercial and CIE Partners. Future plans are to work on implementations for Single Sign-On, and Deep Linking technologies. This will ultimately benefit all REALTOR® members. For the full Catylist press release, go here.


Since RPR’s formation in 2009, RPR has had the goal of extending the power and potential of the RPR Application to NAR’s Industry Constituents: Agents, Brokers, Commercial, Appraisers, MLSs and Associations.

All of these RPR Products have been designed with the assistance of Work Groups, Task Forces and Councils made up of REALTOR® volunteers.  This tremendous process assisted RPR in creating a blueprint for the development of valuable features, tools and reports designed to assist REALTORS® with their specific area of focus and expertise.

Recently, through the MyRPR campaign, we have had the opportunity to hear from many REALTORS® throughout the country on how RPR has assisted them with providing value to their customers.  We would like to share those MyRPR stories with you, and invite you to discover for yourself how RPR can assist you.

david_bennett David Bennett from the Pinellas REALTOR Organization (PRO) talks about his Association partnering with RPR, and how it creates value for their members
frank Frank Gregoire discusses his involvement with the development of RPR’s upcoming Appraiser Tools
debbie-kirkland Debbie Kirkland talks about how RPR’s Agent Tools have helped her increased her business 30%.
Deena Deanna Zimmerman Discusses how RPR Commercial Trade Area Reports have provided her with an indispensible tool for her Commercial clients and customers
metrolist MetroList MLS Leadership talks about the value of RPR’s Tax API (Application Programming Interface) and how Deep Linking from their MLS system to RPR provides benefit for their members

To see all of our MyRPR videos, go to:

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