CEO Update – March 2016

Rapattoni announces integration with RPR’s Advanced Multi-List Platform™ (AMP™)

Rapattoni Corporation announced that it has begun development of its next generation MLS software, which is used by approximately 200,000 real estate professionals across the country.

Rapattoni’s new MLS will separate the front end user interface from the back end database, offering unparalleled flexibility in meeting the evolving needs of real estate associations and their members. This versatile architecture will allow MLSs to pull listing data from multiple sources and present it in a single interface, enabling the new Rapattoni MLS to integrate seamlessly with Project Upstream, AMP, and other emerging technologies, while leveraging industry standards such as the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Data Dictionary.

“We’re looking to the future of the MLS business, anticipating the needs of our customers as well as the industry at large,” said Brian Tepfer, chief technology officer at Rapattoni. “Our MLS is architected to facilitate integration with a broad spectrum of emerging technologies, allowing MLSs to pull listing data from multiple sources and present it in a single interface. The new AMP™ integration is a dynamic example of how our MLS software uses listing information from multiple databases.”

For the full press release, visit the RPR blog.

March 2016 RPR Product Release

On March 15, 2016, RPR released version 1.48 marking its 49th product release since its launch in September 2010. This release introduces a new data source for school information, integrates with an improved analysis tool for property investors, and features 2015 demographic and population data for commercial market analysis and Economic Area Reports.

Additionally, the RPR Mobile app was updated to include a new advanced search filter that searches the property description field using keywords. Also now in iOS, print your reports directly from the app. And on the Android side, now login to the RPR app with your fingerprint.

For a complete overview of the March release, visit the RPR blog.

RPR AMP™ Update

RPR continued the expansion of MLSs interested in formal engagement with RPR AMP™ as a means to establish future innovation and technology options for their core MLS services to their subscribers. As of March 31, 2016, RPR has received formal support from 47 MLSs representing 145,000 subscribers.

RPR’s Development Team also continues to make progress on the AMP™ “back end” technology, with the first opportunity for interaction the technology targeted for April 2016. RPR also initiated communications with early adopter MLSs and potential vendors for the creation of several “front end of choice” options. RPR is also nearing completion of the AMP™ MLS Assessment Template for the 29 markets that have committed to the project via a letter of interest.

Webinars on the RPR AMP™ value proposition are scheduled for April 12, 2016, at 4:00 PM EDT, and May 3, 2016.  For more information on RPR AMP™, please contact us at

Valuate® Investment Analysis

RPR is pleased to introduce the latest addition to RPR’s vast array of analytical tools: Valuate®. Valuate allows practitioners to perform real time, interactive investment analyses in a collaborative work environment—one that leads to more insightful, impactful and efficient conversations with prospects and clients.

“What makes Valuate so versatile is that it works for every single market, every single property type, and for all market conditions,” said Valuate Founder Bruce Kirsch. “It performs both unlevered and levered financial analyses. You can even copy and paste any set of property monthly operating cash flow projections from ARGUS or Excel. It then allows you to analyze property purchases and sales by tying in purchase price and exit assumptions and sources of funds for both debt and equity, including complex equity partnerships of up to three players.”

For more information on RPR’s integration with Valuate, visit the RPR blog.

REALTOR® Spotlight

Ernie Anaya, Bull Realty, Inc.

This month’s REALTOR® spotlight comes from Atlanta, Georgia where RPR found Ernie Anaya of Bull Realty, Inc. Ernie is a commercial real estate agent focused on buying, selling and developing healthcare and assisted living facilities for his firm.

Ernie uses RPR Commercial to identify geographic areas with high concentrations of customers his clients are seeking, while also helping business owners find the best location, and even determining what business would be most suitable for a given location.

“If you look at retail stores like McDonalds, demographics play a large part in site selection,” says Ernie, “but most doctors—for example—don’t have a clue how to pick a site. And if they pick the wrong site, they aren’t going to get the patients they need in order to find success.”

Read the full story on Ernie Anaya over at RISmedia.


Dale L. Ross
Chief Executive Officer
Realtors Property Resource®, LLC
Chicago, IL