February 2016 – CEO Update

February 2016 RPR Product Release

On February 2, 2016, RPR released version 1.47, marking its 48th product release since the launch of RPR Residential in September 2010. This release introduced the ability to search and filter properties using keywords or phrases, as well as updated versions of neighborhood boundaries based on size, and enhancements to the mobile app—including the ability to zoom in on property photos. Also in February’s release, RPR corrected 37 of the 55 highest priority bugs and user submitted tickets. Visit the Customer Support site for a complete look at February’s release.

Upstream Update

In February, RPR completed the initial development of a comprehensive rules acquisition taxonomy and collection template. RPR’s Business Rules Analysis team has conducted site visits outside of the Upstream Pilot process to receive information on, and to validate the collection instrument.

Additionally, RPR continued expanding Upstream implementation outreach with selected Broker and MLS candidates for the establishment of Pilot Markets. As of February 29, 2016, RPR has successfully held, or has scheduled initial overview calls with 31 brokerage companies selected by the members of the UpstreamRE, LLC Board of Managers. Once the initial meetings have been completed, RPR provides each company with the Upstream Broker Assessment Template. This document will allow RPR to create a comprehensive company profile for use by RPR to create a custom Alpha/Beta experience for each selected company.

In parallel with the outreach to potential Pilot brokerage companies, RPR continues outreach strategies to MLSs interested in participating as an Upstream Pilot MLS in 2016. As of February 29, 2016, RPR has successfully held, or is scheduled to hold initial overview calls with 18 MLSs. Additionally, RPR delivered the Upstream MLS Pilot Integration Overview to each potential Pilot MLS.

Additional RPR Operations projects include early stage Customer Support, communication and Training models to support the Upstream technology during Alpha/Beta testing this year.

RPR Advanced Multi-List Platform™ (AMP™) Progress Report

RPR is pleased to report continued progress in multiple areas on both development and implementation planning for RPR AMPs™ cutting-edge MLS technology innovation. In February 2016, RPR began surveying all of its early adopter MLSs to assess which MLSs are interested in being involved in the early testing of the AMP™ system, as well as establishing a strong understanding of what that commitment entails

In total, 47 MLSs representing over 145,118 agents are in constructive discussions with RPR regarding the AMP value proposition. This includes 28 MLSs representing over 47,000 subscribers, which have committed in writing to supporting AMP. Additionally, 4 MLSs have verbally committed to completing a formal Letter of Interest, representing another 42,000 agents.

RPR Development Team also continues to make progress on the underlying AMP™ technology. In addition, RPR’s Business Rules Analysis team has been actively collecting MLS business rules in partnership with a number of MLSs nationally, as they pertain to listing input and validation. This research will prove helpful in developing not only AMP™, but also the Upstream project.

Webinars regarding RPR AMP™ are provided every three weeks, with the next being held on March 1, 2016 at 4:00 PM Eastern time. This webinar will be offered again at 4:00 PM Eastern time on March 22, April 12, and May 3, 2016. If you have someone you would like us to specifically invite, please send an email to AMP@NARRPR.com and we will send them an invitation.

New RPR Blog

The RPR Marketing team recently introduced a major update to the RPR blog, delivering a new mobile responsive framework that makes reading and interacting with RPR editorial and learning content on any device easier than ever before.

The blog’s revamped navigation makes accessing each of the industry segment we serve effortless. Self paced video learning modules are updated and arranged by area of interest. From the Field industry use cases have been enhanced. Also a full complement of grab-and-go articles, videos, handouts and more have been added solely to support an Association’s member communications and outreach efforts.

REALTOR® Spotlight

James and Penny Brockway, Brockway Realty, LLC

James and Penny Brockway, Brockway Realty, LLC

This month’s REALTOR® spotlight comes from the Houston, Texas area where RPR reconnected with James and Penny Brockway, owners of Brockway Realty. The Brockways received a call from a former client who wanted to list her home for a quick sale. After talking with the client, and learning about their home upgrades, Penny thought she could sell the home for nearly $30,000 more than her husband/business partner believed. More importantly, even more than the client believed. Read the full story on how Penny delivered her client a full price offer in eight days by leveraging RPR, the Realtors Valuation Model® and refine value tool.


Dale L. Ross
Chief Executive Officer
Realtors Property Resource®, LLC
Chicago, IL