CEO Update: RPR Commercial Application Begins Beta Testing

RPR’s core mission is to provide valuable tools to REALTORS® in order to maintain the REALTOR’S® position in the center of the real estate transaction.  In partnership with a Task Force of Commercial leadership and the Charlotte Region Commercial Board of REALTORS®, the RPR Product Team has been in the process of building a Commercial Application.  This database leverages the core functionality of the current RPR system, which is available to over 500,000 REALTORS® and expand that value to NAR members within the Commercial industry.


RPR Commercial Home Page

RPR Commercial aggregates tax assessment and public records information, stand alone mortgages and liens, foreclosure data, demographics and census information, ESRI Tapestry data, along with licensed data from Commercial Information Exchanges (CIEs) and MLSs to create dynamic search and report features for REALTORS® to share with clients and customers.  RPR expanded Commercial features will include:

  • Business Opportunities Analysis
  • Detailed Location Analysis and Reporting
  • Property Information Search and Reporting
  • Market Analysis-Customer Concentrations
  • Market Leakage Reports
  • Demographic, Lifestyle and Consumer Segmentation
  • Trade Area and Analysis Reporting
  • Drive Time Ring Analysis
  • Thematic Mapping with Custom Search tools

RPR Commercial - Thematic Map

For more information, visit the RPR Commercial section of our blog.

Beta testing began the first week of May with the Charlotte Region Commercial Board of REALTORS®-Charlotte, NC.

RPR is contracted for additional Beta testing in the following markets:

  • Commercial Alliance of REALTORS®-Grand Rapids, MI
  • South Texas Commercial Association of REALTORS®-San Antonio, TX
  • My Florida Commercial Real Estate -Orlando, FL
  • Miami Association of REALTORS® CIE-Miami, FL
  • CARETS Commercial, Southern California
  • Northern California Commercial Association of REALTORS®, San Francisco Bay area

Beta testing is targeted to proceed through the summer with launch of the Commercial Application in Q3, 2012

In anticipation of the interest and demand of RPR Commercial, we have recently expanded our Commercial Support Team to include a new Director of Commercial Service, Emily Line.

We want to thank the members of the RPR Commercial Task Force and the leadership of the Charlotte Regional Commercial Board of REALTORS® for their support and participation in the development of the RPR Commercial Application.  Look for more updates on the RPR Commercial Beta and Launch throughout the summer.  For more information and a video demonstration of the RPR Commercial Beta system; go to:

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