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RPR Expands Commercial Focus in 2019

In the coming year, RPR will improve its commercial resources by expanded commercial data licensing, implementing commercial product integrations and strengthening strategic outreach programs with comm...


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Searching for Signals in the Noisy World of Commercial Real

Emerging market trends are always a popular topic, especially in commercial real estate. The ability to forecast and analyze industry data plays an important role in preparing for what’s next. This m...


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Piecing Together a Commercial Market

When it comes to commercial real estate, REALTORS® need access to accurate and reliable data. At RPR, we only work with the top data providers in the commercial space and are constantly researching ne...


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Is Commercial an Untapped Growth Opportunity for Your MLS?

If you’re looking to improve the MLS experience for members who work with the occasional commercial client, RPR and NAR has your back. We can answer your questions or even help you brainstorm about y...


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