As the World Turns: RPR Commercial Keeps Getting Better

The end of the year is a time to reflect and think back on things from 2018 that grabbed our attention and made headlines. From crashing crypto currencies, to the scooter crisis polluting our city sidewalks, and all the chirping around Twitter’s roll out of bookmarking tweets for later.

This year has been mixed with messages and milestones of all sizes. RPR is no stranger to this trend of piquing interest for a variety of reasons. In fact, here’s a list of the 2018 enhancements that grabbed commercial member’s attention throughout the year:

Custom Trade Area Reports

We started the year with some subtle tweaks to the labeling of the custom areas. But we ended it with a bang, making huge improvements by giving you the opportunity to create reports that show trade area data for a 3, 5, and 10 min drive time, and a 1, 3, and 5 mile radius around your subject property.

  • Custom Trade Area Reports

  • Custom Trade Area Reports

  • Custom Trade Area Reports

  • New Datasets For Attribute Site Selection

New Datasets For Attribute Site Selection

In addition to the refresh of the more than 900 demographic and economic attributes, you have the the ability to glean market intelligence using new attributes that include daytime population, loan debt (education, credit card and vehicle), online spending and more.

Print Page

Have you ever run a search in RPR and wished that you could just print out all of the properties on the results screen? Well, now you can! Proof that epic returns exist in simple functions.

  • Print Page

  • Print Page

  • Traffic Counts in Reports

  • Traffic Counts in Reports

Traffic Counts in Reports

In the past, traffic flow around a property was strictly a feature within the RPR maps. Now you can print a property or trade area report, and like magic, the nearest counts appear beautifully within your presentation.

Land Development BOTE’s

BOTE’s, or back of the envelope analysis tools, were introduced in 2017 for multifamily use. In 2018, the team at Valuate® added calculators for condominiums, office and industrial developments. This tool can now help developers analyze three fourths of the major commercial property product types with more to come!

  • Land Development BOTE’s

  • Next Level Analysis for Multifamily

Next Level Analysis for Multifamily

The largest improvement the team at Valuate® made was expanding the capabilities when doing a multifamily analysis. With one giant release, users were to provide unit-by-unit rent roll detail for apartment properties, and analyze the renovation of units and raising of rents, along with a refinancing analysis after the property’s rents are re-stabilized at the higher rates.

Persistent Display of Returns

Few things are more annoying than making a change to something and then having to scroll to the top or bottom of a screen to see the affect. Maybe this isn’t on the top of your annoyance list, but it does bother plenty of users. Now when you change an assumption affecting your investment in Valuate®, you will see the affect instantly on a levered and unlevered basis.

  • Persistent Display of Returns

  • RPR Mobile™

  • RPR Mobile™

  • RPR Mobile™

  • RPR Mobile™

RPR Mobile

Mobile added a bunch of general improvements, from making it easier to toggle from residential to commercial mode to improved maps functionality. However, the biggest thing for commercial users was incorporating tenant data. Now when you are looking at a commercial property, you can create a tenant report for any property when tenant information is available.

All this with Improved Performance

With each release we conduct performance improvements to ensure the site does not slow down as we add new enhancements. On commercial you may have noticed improved run times when doing a market analysis on large geographic areas, with fewer timeouts as well. Our team also squares bugs in each release that can range from data corrections or recalculations, to malfunctioning UI features.

Looking Ahead

Your feedback is key! We will be reaching out for your thoughts on RPR website improvements, or let us know your ideas in the comment section below. Our goal is to create a closer relationship between your evolving needs and enhancements that quickly supply you with the right solution. The name of the game is help us, help you! We’re continuing our mission of collaborate and listen, as we aim to add many more improvements and updates in 2019.

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    • Nathan Graham
      Nathan Graham says:

      Hey Leon, this is definitely on our radar now that we are finding more listing services supporting the market there. I’ve put in a request myself to build out Puerto Rico as a coverage area and will add your request to help push the ticket. Really appreciate the feedback!


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