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Greg Hrabcak, CCIM, started his real estate career directly after graduating from Ohio State University 33 years ago. Since then, Greg has been involved in the sale and leasing of industrial, investment, retail, and office properties, as well as business brokerage sales throughout central Ohio. Greg’s clients include Kroger Company, Inland Real Estate Growth Fund, Textron Financial Services, United Parcel Services, and Five Guys, and he has received awards from the Columbus Board of REALTORS®, Ohio Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®.

Greg Hrabcak, CCIM, Broker, HER Commercial Real Estate Services, Columbus, OH

Emily Line (EL): You’ve held several volunteer leadership roles including serving as President of the Ohio Association of REALTORS® and have maintained a highly-successful business resulting in the Columbus Board of REALTORS®’ “Largest Multi-Family Transaction Award.” How do you balance work and volunteering?

Greg Hrabcak (GH): I’m a passionate guy who believes in the power of a network and knowledge. In order to have a strong network, you have to be willing to fully invest in people. We stress communication and collaboration with our clients to ensure that we have a true partnership which, in most cases, results in a straightforward game plan. I take that teamwork approach very seriously, not only with my clients but also with my fellow REALTORS® so I remain dialed-in about state and federal issues and trends that could impact my clients’ success.

EL: HER Commercial is a nationally-recognized brand but has maintained the company’s 30-year commitment to being locally operated. What unique services do you offer clients to stay competitive with large national firms?

GH: Our staff is committed to delivering the most cost-efficient services to maximize the client’s returns. We have knowledgeable leasing and sales agents, as well as bonded property managers, accounting specialists, and mechanically certified technicians. And one of my favorite support pieces that contributes to our rockstar staff hands-down is RPR data. Another reason I commit to leadership roles is not just to access data but also to have my voice heard on what type of data is needed to better support the REALTOR® edge in the commercial real estate space.

EL: You’ve been a huge advocate for streamlining data through RPR. Tell us, what you like about logging into RPR Commercial and how it benefits your clients?

GH: RPR Commercial allows REALTORS® a single point of entry to collect detailed property data, along with analytics to support business sustainability. This is a huge benefit. Having one login for a lot of information versus the typical several subscriptions shifts my focus so I can draw insights for my clients more effectively and efficiently through an easier access and process for aggregating data.

EL: How easy is the process? Will you walk me through your approach?

GH: It’s very easy and I have heaps of data at my fingertips. I can start by taking a deep dive into RPR search for on- and off-market properties and owner facts, mortgage and tax info, and transaction history. I can also see tenant info with certain searches. With all the talk about generational shifts and consumer interests changing, it’s more important than ever to gain insight into the who, what, and where related to commercial property investment. I can collect the demographic and economic stats and tell a visual story with heat maps down to the census block level with 25+ variables, including traffic counts and more than 20 million business points of interest around the country. Impactful data + ease of use + no subscription fee = WIN!

As Greg suggests, there’s no need to spend a lot of time and hard-earned money on data from a variety of subscriptions when RPR offers data and reports from one reliable, authoritative source.

See for yourself, log into RPR, your member benefit, today:

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