Simple Solutions for Gathering Commercial Property Facts

While the Commercial real estate culture has traditionally leaned toward practitioners holding property details tight to the vest, clients still expect to have all the facts before making a decision on site selection.

With RPR Mobile™, Commercial practitioners can instantly access an expansive amount of property information from wherever they are and then easily transform that data into a sophisticated, decision-prompting report—one that is immediately delivered to the client by way of email or text. Here’s how…

RPR has created a commercial portal on its app that is really exciting. You get tons of property data from anywhere you’re standing. Boom! The content is right there for you to share with clients. It’s a great way to build relationships.

1 Pull up the property

You are on a walk-through with your client. You have the property information that is available pulled up on RPR Mobile™. You know there are holes in the facts. Between your client’s needs for the space and the information the property manager is providing outside of the listed facts, you need to capture as much information as possible and your pen cannot write fast enough…

2 Fill in the gaps

From the RPR app’s Property Details screen, you tap on the Notes icon to start recording  (written or recorded). You are able to be in the moment without hanging on your client or the property manager’s last statement. Instead you are capturing the facts in real time with the audio and text recording, as well as snapping additional photos to include in the client’s report.   

3 Send the report immediately

Forget going back to the office and trying to make sense of your notes that were written on the fly. From right where you are, use your handheld device to email a Commercial Property Report to the client, complete with your photo and text notes.

If you already have the RPR Mobile app, awesome … you now have commercial search within your existing app! Easily switch between modes.

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    • Emily
      Emily says:

      Awesome to hear, Erik! So glad you are using the app and gaining value from RPR! Music to our ears. Thanks so much for your support! Keep us posted on your success stories or any feedback you want to share.


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