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We posted about the importance of member feedback as it pertains to RPR Commercial just after the 2014 REALTOR® Conference and Expo. As a benefit with no additional cost to REALTORS®, RPR® Commercial builds based on your direction. It’s time to voice your thoughts on three topics that continue to emerge from REALTORS®: Broker Load, Find a Partner, and Training.  Take this survey, so that your market’s opinions are reflected in the future look, feel, and function of RPR Commercial.

Need a refresher on RPR Commercial? No problem, check out the on-demand RPR Commercial Fundamental videos. Want to log in and explore functions before responding? Sounds good! Log into RPR Commercial now.

How can RPR help build my business?

Determine where the right people are for a business.
Using demographic, psychographic and spending data information, RPR helps you identify areas of high concentrations of the customers your client is looking for. Research sites for business expansion based on the selection of specific corporate cultural attributes.

Find the best location for a business.
Help business owners find the best location based on an analysis of spending data within a drive time, radius, or general area. Find the optimum site for a specific business type like restaurant, coffee or apparel shop, etc.

Select the best retail business for a location.
Determine what business would be appropriate for a given location by examining spending data and what business types are underserving the area. Receive results in a chart indicating which business types are over and underrepresented in a specific area.

Which RPR tools can help me?

Powerful Thematic Maps
View demographic information overlaid in your defined area of interest, allowing you to see locations of interest with the highest concentration of the indicator. Select points of interest (POI) and examine sales volume and number of employees for businesses.

Comprehensive Reporting
Provide your client with the best reports in the business in just a few minutes! Whether your client is looking for a detailed Trade Area Report, Business Opportunities chart, or a Property Report, you can create professional RPR Commercial reports that are guaranteed to impress.


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