Interactive Investment Analysis Made Easy With Valuate®

Introducing the latest addition to RPR’s vast array of analytical tools: Valuate®. As a web-based financial analysis and marketing tool for the purchase and sale of commercial and residential investment properties, Valuate allows practitioners to perform real time, interactive investment analyses in a collaborative work environment—one that leads to more insightful, impactful and efficient conversations with prospects and clients.

“The commercial real estate business has long been dependent on Microsoft Excel for financial modeling, investment analysis, asset management and accounting functions,” said Valuate Founder Bruce Kirsch. “There are many problems with Excel: files are shared as stagnant PDFs, it requires massive amounts of painstaking formatting, and it’s incredibly treacherous to collaborate on and track versions.”

In contrast, Valuate’s interactive interface allows users to respond on-the-spot to client inquiries and needs. “It’s impossible to anticipate every seller curiosity when preparing for a pitch,” said Kirsch. “Valuate’s versatility makes the whole preparation and presentation process seamless. Agents can work alongside clients as they input assumptions, run scenarios, and quickly retrieve/share versions of listed properties they find most appealing,” he said. This highly collaborative environment weeds out unattractive deals, prevents mistakes and omissions, and keeps all parties up to speed on the latest developments.

  • Alleviates many of the well-known pain points of investment analysis. No more multiple versions of stagnant PDF files. With Valuate, digital files are easily edited and shared with colleagues, partners and clients.
  • Excellent platform to provide real time scenario analyses while pitching to prospects or updating existing clients. Make edits to the analysis on the fly for wherever the conversation leads; answers questions instantly.
  • Auto population of certain data variables eliminates another traditional pain point: double data entry.
  • Built in validation alerts users if entered data is out of bounds. “You made an input here that makes the investment lose money. Please change your input.”
  • Helps clients understand at what price and under what assumption the investment looks attractive.
  • Displays the full life cycle of an investment property; simulates the acquisition of the property, hold and operation, and then eventual sale.

“Valuate is an easy to use analysis tool that makes evaluating an investment property common sense.  Most programs take hours to learn and still are too difficult or not practical to use.  This is why most REALTORS® give up using investment software.  Thank you RPR for bringing this member value to us!”  

“What makes Valuate so versatile is that it works for every single market, every single property type, and for all market conditions,” said Kirsch. “It performs both unlevered and levered financial analyses. You can even copy and paste any set of property monthly operating cash flow projections from ARGUS or Excel. It then allows you to analyze property purchases and sales by tying in purchase price and exit assumptions and sources of funds for both debt and equity, including complex equity partnerships of up to three players.”

Valuate In Action

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    • Nathan Graham
      Nathan Graham says:

      Nothing to download, just log into RPR and on any property detail page (on market or off), you will see a link on the far left that says Property Analysis for Investors (in red). Just click on that link and you will have full access to the new Valuate platform.

  1. Chris Brown
    Chris Brown says:

    Please bring back the analysis program you had before this one. It was much easier to use, or give us the option to still use it.

    • Tracy
      Tracy says:

      Nah, I knew they were huge, but they were bigger than I expected because the figure was bigger than I expected. I thought she’d be smaller than she is.Nah, I ordered her mainly because I like the Macross franchise and there aren’t too many figures of the various shows’ characters out there. Though I hav1n&#82e7;t yet watched much of Macross Frontier; I need to make some time to watch the series. It’d also be pretty cool if someone decided to make a high-quality Miriya figure but I’m not getting my hopes up for that.

  2. Dan Looney
    Dan Looney says:

    To follow up on Gary Halbrooks question, my understanding is that the only properties listed in the RPR system are from MLS. Is that correct?


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