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MyRPR Spotlight: Deena Zimmerman

Get a glance at how Deena Zimmerman, a high-energy REALTOR® specializing tenant representation and an industry leader based in Chicago, uses RPR Commercial to impress clients. In Deena’s words, “there are so many amazing tools within RPR Commercial! I love that my clients are reaping the benefits of this valuable information!


  1. This is such a huge time saver, I was not aware that we could also use this for commercial!

    • Emily Line says:

      Joe, thrilled to receive your feedback! Please let us know if you have any questions pertaining to driving RPR Commercial.

  2. Great video about the benefits of RPR Commercial! I also had the opportunity to work with Deena in June for a National Association of REALTORS council in Chicago.

  3. Denna is a great Spokesperson, Broker and Professional.
    Great video! Great Friend!!

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