National Trends Reveal Underserved Market for Local Realtor®

Ernie Anaya of Atlanta, GA, is leveraging his years of healthcare experience to capitalize on one of the hottest trends in commercial real estate, Assisted Living. By mixing his healthcare expertise and local assisted living market knowledge, Ernie has identified an underserved market for his clients and uses RPR Commercial to identify where that market lives. Our conversation provides a great example of how you can look at national trends in order to discover local opportunities.

When and how did you get started in Commercial Real Estate?

Ernie: About two years ago. I previously worked as a healthcare consultant where part of my time was spent advising on leases, which provided great real estate experience. I now specialize in healthcare with a focus on assisted living.

What is the most interesting trend you have noticed in the assisted living sector?

Ernie: The market for senior living is trending up. Baby boomers are aging and there are already 40 million seniors, of which only 1.8 percent are in assisted living settings. Due to this increasing demand, and the fact that the majority of residents are private pay, we are seeing a pent up need for middle income facilities.

You started using RPR in April of 2014. What has been the most valuable enhancement added to the application since then?

Ernie: Integration of the investor software, Valuate®. Based on potential cash flows we are able to display in Valuate, we now have a property under contract that had been vacant.

How does RPR Commercial fit with your other tools and business processes?

Ernie: I use platforms such as NIC MAP® Data Service to find on-market senior housing opportunities and then go into RPR Commercial to see how suitable the areas are around them from a demographic/economic standpoint.

You mention Valuate® as an important new enhancement, what drew you to RPR Commercial in the first place?

Ernie: RPR’s Site Selection Analysis and the Commercial Trade Area Report. Both are equally valuable and go hand in hand.

Would you walk me through your business process while in RPR Commercial?

Ernie: With an assisted living opportunity, I conduct an attribute summary and include those in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s; those with average household income levels above $50,000; as well as housing values within the targeted area. When a house sells, it helps pay for the assisted living care for the future residents.

I take a look at primary markets, growth of population, and employment rates. I review the Business Points of Interest (POIs) within RPR maps to locate proximity to hospitals, golf courses, and shopping. Normally this type of market study would cost between $3,000 – $7,000, but with RPR Commercial, I am able to jump into a Trade Area Analysis, identify the right areas that meet my client’s criteria, and generate a Commercial Trade Area Report, without spending additional money. The Commercial Trade Area Report makes it look like I’ve spent hours compiling data and definitely differentiates me from my competition.

If you could advise other real estate professionals on how to most effectively leverage RPR Commercial, what would you tell them?

Ernie: Using the RPR Commercial Trade Area Analysis to identify similar markets for clients that are expanding is validating. Being able to sit down and show a client how the new market matches their current one based on their specific business criteria is incredibly valuable. They can visually see that I am not pushing any available property but only the sites that fit their needs.

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  1. Peter McGuckian
    Peter McGuckian says:

    Ernie, that is remarkable. I too have many years in the senior living business as executive director of CC RC’s stand alone AL’s and IL/AL Products.
    I live in Southwest Florida where the IL/ALand standalone AL new construction and reconfiguring existing structures is booming. I’m going to invest some time and take look at RPR Commercial Trade Area Analysis.
    Thank you for the idea.
    PS. I am reinventing my website at the moment.


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