Piecing Together a Commercial Market

When it comes to commercial real estate, REALTORS® need access to accurate and reliable data. Pulling together bits of market data here and there can be frustrating as well as time-consuming. Commercial agents need it all in one place, at the touch of a button.

RPR gives REALTORS® access to the nation’s largest property database. As a commercial practitioner, all this data, and RPR’s tools and reports, offer a distinct edge when it comes to serving real estate business and investment clients.

The ability to reference reliable data that backs up their advice is critical to getting a deal done. At RPR, we only work with the top data providers in the commercial space and are constantly researching new ones to ensure REALTORS® have the best data at their fingertips.

In 2018 we partnered with SMR Research to provide tenant records, and a big focus for 2019 will be to expand our listing partners to some of the top national listing platforms. Below you can see a list of all our major partners. This will hopefully give you a better understanding of how each partner plays an integral part in helping REALTORS® “piece” together their knowledge of the markets they work in.

All of this data outside of the MLS/CIE listing data is available nationwide. This truly makes RPR Commercial one of the top research systems in the country!

  • Public Record Property DataBlack Knight – 43,000,000 commercial properties
  • Listing Property Data – MLS, CIE and National Platforms – 700,000 total listings with 652,000 for sale and 118,000 for lease
  • Trade Area DataESRI 1 Billion data points highlighting key economic, demographic and spending indicators along with ESRI’s Tapestry Segmentations.
  • Employment Data – 3DL – Updated monthly down to the county level
  • Business PointsESRI 12,487,119
  • Traffic CountsKalibrate Over 2,000,000 plus traffic points
  • Tenant RecordsSMR Research – 8,531,568
  • FEMA Flood Maps – 3DL – Nationwide coverage

Get started with RPR commercial today. And please help us spread the word about the data available in RPR for REALTORS® working with commercial clients by sharing this flyer.

Get started with this RPR Commercial quick start flyer.

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