Introducing the RPR Commercial Trade Area Report

You’ve heard it before: it’s all about location! In real estate, to close a deal, you must find the absolute best location that meets and exceeds your clients’ expectations. You need up-to-date, detailed information. You need to stand out from the competition. How can you accomplish all this without spending extra time and money?

The answer is simple…ESRI Tapestry Data from Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®). Through the RPR Commercial application, all REALTORS® now have access to creating Trade Area Reports that detail activity within a specified geography using demographics, psychographics and consumer spending. With RPR Commercial, the REALTOR® can measure, predict, and target the right location for their client or customer, whether representing a client looking to start or expand a business or a family looking to relocate to a new community. ESRI’s Tapestry Data combines the “who” of the lifestyle demography with the “where” of the local neighborhood to create a model of various lifestyle classifications.

RPR Commercial Trade Report

So what does this information really mean? Well, a REALTOR® who specializes in commercial real estate has the ability to help a business owner find a location with a heavy concentration of ideal customers, locate the right type of business for a space, and find the best space for a client. Just ask Deena Zimmerman, a REALTOR® located in Chicago who specializes in commercial real estate, specifically commercial leases. Deena has a client in Florida who is looking to expand their business model in Chicago, by opening a sushi franchise that caters specifically to a young, hip, foodie crowd. This restaurateur likes to think ‘outside the box’ and didn’t want just another ‘downtown’ location. Even though Deena is intimately familiar with the Chicago area, she turned to RPR to take a look at the tapestry data to see if there was a demand for a restaurant like this, as well as the customers nearby that would likely enjoy a unique sushi experience. Sure enough, the data in RPR confirmed her assessment that her client’s business would be well suited for the “West Loop” neighborhood.

For REALTORS® specializing in residential real estate, RPR allows them to continue to be ‘the’ source of information for their clients. For example, a client who purchased a house in the past is now ready to invest in a small business. Who will they choose to represent them? Naturally, the client contacts their trusted REALTOR® first who provided them with invaluable information when buying their home. RPR Commercial can give REALTORS® a way to continue to provide data to clients and be their ‘go-to’ source for real estate information.

Looking to get started? Create your RPR account today by visiting The best part? RPR is an exclusive benefit for REALTORS® already incorporated into REALTOR® dues. There is absolutely NO extra charge to access this vast amount of data

Want to learn more? Register for a webinar on RPR Commercial: In just 30 minutes you will learn best practices for harnessing the power of RPR Commercial and be on your way to helping customers find the best location for their business.

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