RPR / CommercialSearch Integration: Easier workflow with insightful data

Good news for Commercial practitioners challenging tech firms to play nice in the sand box with one another. You’ve been heard.

Now, thanks to a newly-formed collaboration between property data powerhouses Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) and Xceligent CommercialSearch.com, your daily fact-finding missions are just a few, quick clicks away.

“The RPR Commercial and CommercialSearch.com integration allows REALTORS® a single point of entry to collect detailed property data, along with analytics to support business sustainability. This is a huge benefit,” said Greg Hrabcak, CCIM, Columbus, Ohio, who represents companies such as Kroger, Inland Real Estate Growth Fund, Textron Financial Services, United Parcel Service and Five Guys, to name a few. “The collaboration shifts my focus so I can draw insights for my clients more effectively and efficiently through an easier access and process for aggregating data.”

Access to real time data and intuitive reports are just a few of the value-driven features offered through the RPR/ CommercialSearch integration. Here’s how to put all six features to work for you.

1 Expanded (and free) listing exposure

CommercialSearch.com is a free national listing platform for marketing commercial real estate availabilities to tenants, buyers, and other brokers. Listings are visible to visitors of CommercialSearch.com and to more than 30+ million monthly visitors of Realtor.com.

2 Advanced property searching

Find the perfect location using a multitude of search mechanisms, including the ability to draw maps using customized polygons. Get a complete picture of the area using street, aerial, and other map views.

3 Unparalleled access to in-depth property data

Take a deep dive into property and owner facts, mortgage and tax info, transaction history, maps and photos via the RPR Commercial property buttons.

4 Insightful demographic, psychographic & spending data

Gain insight into the who, what, and where related to commercial property investment. Tell the whole story with visual heat maps down to the census block level with 25+ variables including traffic counts and more than 20 million business points of interest.

5 Best-in class, customizable RPR reports

Create reports that include data on consumer segmentation; population, age, marital status, economic, and education comparisons, as well as home value comparisons.

6 Trackable lead generation

Follow listing activity levels by the number of times it displays in searches or is viewed. You can even note how many times your phone number is provided to interested prospects.

Get started today

  1. Login to your CommercialSearch account at www.commercialsearch.com.
  2. Choose Edit Profile and enter your NRDS number within the National Association of Realtors® section. Pressing Disabled will change the function to Enabled.
  3. Begin your commercial search.
  4. Select a property to dive deeper into property facts, trade area data, and business intel from the dedicated RPR section (access granted to REALTORS® only).
  5. Scroll to choose an RPR Report.
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