Spring ushers in major refresh of Esri data

The RPR development team has completed the annual Esri data refresh which includes over 1 billion data points! Esri data plays a critical role in RPR and is the data behind the commercial trade area analysis, federal and local economic area reports, and residential neighborhood statistics.

Successful real estate companies know that opportunity comes from the detailed understanding of local communities and insights into their preferences. Esri’s data sets amplify your market knowledge with location-based data to help you better understand factors that drive growth. Thus allowing you to uncover opportunities and create competitive advantages for you and your clients.

Cool, so what’s new?

Data Refresh

  • New 2017 data from some of your favorite sources such as the U.S. Census Community Survey and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • New five-year projections from the American Census Community Survey through 2022.
  • POI (Places of Interest) updating 12,567,946 businesses across the country.
  • Tapestry segmentation updating all 67 Esri segments across the country.
  • NAICS retail segment supply/demand updated for trade areas.

New data sets in RPR Trade Area Reports

  • Daytime population
  • Commuter details

New attributes for site selection
The ability to dive into categories has been added to some attributes.

  • Loan debt
  • Households poverty
  • Online spending

Want to see it in action? Take a look at this short video.

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