Traffic counts added to RPR commercial reports

RPR is excited to announce practitioners now have the option to include traffic counts in RPR Commercial Property and Trade Area Reports. The data will display actual historical counts as well as Kalibrate’s projected counts, which are based on the last published traffic count, local area trend data and up-to-date demographic information.

Commercial real estate pros can use the new data to:

  • Identify and understand traffic patterns and historical trends.
  • Analyze and forecast potential customer traffic to detect high demand opportunities.
  • Evaluate locations for retail facilities, restaurants, real estate developments, cell phone towers, billboard advertising and more.

Users have a few options when generating an RPR Commercial Property report:

  1. Set the appropriate distance around the property they want to include counts from.
  2. Sort the data either by proximity or highest total count.
  3. Choose whether they want one or two pages of traffic count data.

Below is an example from the Commercial Property report, but login to to RPR Commercial today and take a look!

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