6 Cool New Enhancements to RPR Mobile™

Our job at RPR is to help REALTORS® succeed and we take that job pretty seriously. That’s why we have the country’s best and brightest developers continually pumping out added features and upgrades to RPR Mobile™. In fact, every month, RPR® analyzes user feedback, design trends and recent technologies to refine, enhance, and improve our services.

Here’s a look at our favorite new features:

1. Updated Design

Every second counts on a busy day and RPR Mobile™ is increasingly being improved for speed.

When on the property details page, you can now add photos, notes and voice recordings without having to scroll to the bottom of the screen (through, quite often, lengthy property details).

You can also immediately create a report from the property details page regardless of where you are.

2. Map Drawing

Embrace your inner artist with a new feature only available via RPR Mobile™.


When searching by map, click on the “Draw” button to create and define a customized area to search within. Simply trace an outline of the area you’d like to select on the screen; draw a circle or polygon, or even ‘swipe’ your finger to create a line that will search along a road or a corridor.

Your search results will now display within the customized shape you’ve drawn.

3. School Information

For many clients, finding the right school district is a top priority.


From the advanced search function, search for schools within a specific area or a desired school district, and then find properties within that school’s attendance zone. To go further, check out the Great Schools rating which publishes the phone number of each school in addition to clickable directions.

To learn more, check out our how-to video on school searches.

4. Customize Your Report Cover Photo

Is the listing photo(s) available for a property not optimal for your needs?

Report Cover Photo

Upload your photos to the notes section of a property right from RPR Mobile™. These can be photos you’ve previously taken or ones you snap on your phone as you’re standing outside the property. You can even upload multiple photos at once, creating a customizable group of pictures organized by date/time.

Once uploaded, select one of your photos to appear as your report cover photo to show how the listing will appear to your clients.

To learn more, check out our quick how-to article and video.

5. Walkability Scores

Being able to walk or bike to work or school can be a major factor when assessing a neighborhood’s appeal.


Walkability scores are now available in the “Location Details” section of RPR Mobile™. Walkability comprises three scores—on a scale of zero to 5—calculated by Maponics, our data partner.

Here is a quick overview on the scoring:

  • The Overall score considers the distance/length of time it takes to walk to general points of interest (POIs), and the availability of such POIs within a given area.
  • The Amenity score considers the walkability to POIs such as retail locations.
  • The Leisure score does the same re: walkability to POIs like restaurants and parks.

6. Property Flyer

The latest RPR Mobile™ release added the Property Flyer to the reports available via the app.


This one-page property summary is intended for agents who want an easy way to produce a marketing piece for any residential property. Like RPR’s other property reports, the Property Flyer is created by pressing the Reports button from within the app. Then, using the onscreen prompts, select which preexisting photo should appear on your flyer, or upload one of your own.

After that, enter a headline and description, and your Property Flyer is complete.

Check out more on this feature in our how-to article and video.

5 replies
  1. Keith Laursen
    Keith Laursen says:

    After selecting add a property flyer report, when hitting next, it says retrieving but then throws you out of RPR mobile. I can do others OK like mini property but apparently this is a bug.

    Samsung Note 3

  2. Ken Roark
    Ken Roark says:

    Great benefit from our association, easy to learn and use.
    It compiles all revelant information that as a agent could take hours to put together in a report that takes minutes to provide to a customer or client.


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