RPR® and RMLS: An Integration Success Story

This article was written by Kelly Phelan and originally appeared on RE Technology.

Portland-based Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) serves over 10,000 Realtors in both Oregon and Washington. In true pioneering Oregon spirit, RMLS steered away from using a pre-existing MLS system, preferring instead to build their own, called RMLSweb. They are, as RPR’s Kristen Carr puts it, “always looking for ways to add value to their system.”

Integration with RPR was one of those ways, and value was an important factor–specifically how it allowed them to provide value to their members in an era defined by easy access to online property information. “We often hear from agents that ‘Consumers know more than I do!'” says John Ayers, RMLS Vice President of Subscriber Services. “We wanted to bring in third party data that consumers don’t have access to. RPR offers one of the most impressive mash-ups of third party data sets that we’ve seen.”

RMLS chose an integration with RPR that’s known as “deep linking.” This allows Realtors to go from a property on RMLSweb to that same property “deep” within RPR where they can access hundreds more datasets. RMLSweb accomplishes this by way of buttons available next to listings on the search results page and on the Agent Full report. When the buttons are clicked on, RPR will open in a new browser tab.


The Agent Full report also offers integrated ZIP code statistics at the bottom of the page. Realtors only need to click on the “+” sign to instantly view the data within the same page.

“The ease and access to RPR is one of the greatest benefits of the integration,” says Terry Romel, RMLS Information Services Manager. “Realtors can access the information they need with a single click without having to jump back and forth between RPR and RMLS.”

An Easy, Painless Launch

Offering a new member benefit is one thing, but driving agent adoption is quite another. RPR made things as simple as possible on RMLS by removing their members’ need to take action. RPR pre-registered RMLS subscribers using their NRDS ID, and sent each an email upon creation of their account.

RPR then helped kickstart the launch with a full week of on-site training in six locations across the RMLS region. For those who couldn’t attend the sessions in person, RPR offered online training options.

Post-launch, RPR continued to offer ongoing educational opportunities. “RPR has a very impressive amount of training resources available on their site,” says Ayers. “An RPR rep even comes to our trade fair.” RMLS subscribers who practice within the state of Oregon (the MLS also covers part of Washington), also have the opportunity to earn CE credits for participating in RPR training sessions.

“Overall, our experience with RPR has been very positive,” says Romel. “Our subscribers have one-click access to demographics, taxes, listing data, and more. It’s one of the most impressive mash-ups I’ve seen.”

For for information about MLS Integrations, visit RPR’s Partner Integrations page.

About RMLS

RMLSRegional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS™) is the Pacific Northwest’s largest REALTOR®-owned multiple listing service, serving approximately 10,200 real estate professionals in over 2,300 offices throughout Oregon and Southern Washington.

The RMLS™ database holds an archive of over 1.4 million listings, including about 26,000 active listings (plus or minus depending on the season), and over two million tax records.

The RMLSweb system—used by REALTORS®—is developed in-house by programming staff. RMLS™ deploys regular enhancements to RMLSweb using requests from subscribers and the RMLS™ Board of Directors to set priorities. To learn more, visit RMLS.com.

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