RPR New User Series: Tools of the Trade for Everyday REALTORS®

At RPR®, our aim is to provide technologies and solutions that help you, as a REALTOR®, make profitable, well-informed decisions for you and your clients. Our pledge to you includes a solid and continuous commitment to providing an unparalleled assortment of user friendly tools that will solidify and strengthen your market value, and that are altogether relevant to your everyday business needs.

Welcome to RPR Tools, Part VI of our eight-step series of articles for new and seasoned RPR users.

Here are three RPR go-to-tools used by REALTORS® across the nation. And stay tuned to RPR, soon we’ll introduce a new Valuate tool for residential and commercial property investors.

1Refine Value

RPR’s Refined Value tool allows REALTORS® to determine the value of a home based on property characteristics, home improvements made, and market conditions. This tool can also help clients determine whether purchasing a home and then remodeling is worth the investment. There are three, simple ways to refine the value of a property using RPR. Watch this quick video to learn more about the Refined Value tool.

2Comparative Analysis

The Comparative Analysis is the most commonly used RPR valuation tool and is similar to a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), in that it helps agents determine a price or price range for a property. Using a step-by-step wizard, RPR’s Comp Analysis walks users through the process of validating basic facts about a subject property, selecting comps, and adjusting those comps to yield a customized and flexible result.

While selecting comps within RPR, note that properties marked with a blue star are used to calculate the Realtor Valuation Model® (RVM®). You are not required to choose these properties.

Once your Comparative Analysis is complete, generate a Seller’s Report to demonstrate the results of your research. Choose Print Report, select More Details to customize which elements to include, personalize your report, and click Run Report.

3Sales Comparison Analysis

Whereas the Comparative Analysis is a traditional method of generating a price range for a property by integrating comps and market information with knowledge of the property, the Sales Comparison Analysis, primarily used by Appraisers, goes into a more detailed property evaluation, typically used for harder-to-price homes.

The Sales Comparison Analysis leads you through a series of steps to confirm or adjust factual information about a property, and then search for and select comps. At that point, you can adjust and weight the comparable properties to yield a Sales Comparison Analysis Result that summarizes the valuation and range for the subject property.

Satisfied with your analysis? Save or share it by generating a Valuation Workbook. Choose Print Report, select More Details to customize what fields to include, personalize your report, and click Run Report. It’s that simple.

    Next Steps

    You’ve completed your introduction to RPR Tools. Now it’s time to jump in and get to know the site on your own. Here are a few options to get started:

    • Experiment with tools by visiting narrpr.com.
    • Check out RPR’s on-demand video learning series, how-to articles and online workshops at blog.narrpr.com.
    • Register for RPR’s online workshop, Tools for Winning Your Listing Presentation With RPR.
    • Call RPR’s 24/7 Customer Support team at 877.977.7576.