Getting Started With RPR

Welcome to the team. Here you’ll find five simple steps toward establishing yourself as an official RPR most-valued member.  So let’s get started. And don’t forget RPR’s Customer Support Center is here for you 24/7 by calling 877.977.7576.

Step One

Step Two

Set up your account. Two minutes is all it takes!

Simply visit and click on Create a New Account. From there, a wizard will walk you through the five-step process. Helpful hint: Have your NRDS ID handy. Find yours here.

Step Three

Create your profile: An essential branding tool

Your RPR profile is much more than a name and address. It’s serves as a gateway to data and listing access, MLS info and mobile devices. The information you store here also populates your branded reports. To begin, click on the sprocket icon at the top right corner of the site.

Step Four

Activate your App

Download our free app for instant, on-the-go access to listings, owner info, sales, valuations, tax, mortgage, school stats and market trends—all from your iOS and Android devices. The app is also a reporting tool that allows you to create and send customized, client-friendly reports … anytime, anywhere.


Step Five

Online Lesson Plans

The RPR Guide to a Successful Open House