Maximize RPR For Your Association

If you’re an AE, Marketing Director or Education Director, you need all the help you can get when it comes to furthering your members’ success. Getting up to speed with and implementing RPR will go a long way in getting your members to wow their clients and close more deals.

This go-to checklist will help you maximize RPR for your members. Read it, bookmark it and apply it to your member onboarding and continuing education programs.

  1. Enroll staff in RPR’s no cost Train the Trainer Program

    This is a great way to customize the training offered and provide a value-added resource to improve your members’ productivity.

  2. Explore RPR’s Economic Area Reports

    Learn how Brian Bernardoni, Senior Director of Government Affairs for the Chicago Association of REALTORS®, uses RPR reporting to answer important questions such as “How have a neighborhood’s demographics changed? Who is moving into the area and why? What businesses are thriving and diving?”

  3. Install the RPR training widget on your website

    A widget is a quick, engaging and easy-to-use digital marketing application that you can post on your website. Users can then directly link to RPR training webinars, vids, eBooks and other resources.

  4. Start receiving RPR editorial delivered to your inbox for reposting

    Sign up for ACE and begin receiving how-to and best practice articles that will help your members succeed in the marketplace.

  5. Share the new Agent Learning Toolkit for Brokerages

    This on-demand learning series will help Broker/Owners train their sales associates on how to start implementing RPR in their business.

  6. RPR Connect Facebook Community

    RPR Connect is an interactive forum that connects REALTORS®, Broker/Owners, and other industry leaders who want to keep ahead of the curve.

  7. Include RPR in your new member orientation

    These sharable guides and instructional materials will introduce your new member to the many facets of RPR.

  8. Grab and go content for your Associations social media pages

    Reinforce the value of membership by highlighting the educational and business building tools within Realtors Property Resource.

  9. Promote RPR tools to your Brokerages

    RPR’s Broker Tool Set includes a variety of invaluable resources offered to Broker/Owners and Managers. Branding RPR reports, market metrics and incorporating affiliated service providers are just some of the topics covered.

  10. Creating an RPR Page for your Members

    Follow these easy to implement tips to build an RPR page on your Association website that gives your members a one-stop-shop resource and easy access to all the advantages RPR has to offer.

10 Ways Your Agents Can Get the Most Out of RPR