Our Favorite REALTOR® Stories of 2015

As a company, innovation and technology advancement excite us, but at the heart of it all is making sure that every enhancement and addition benefits the REALTOR®. Every year we ask REALTORS® to share their stories on how RPR® has helped grow their businesses. Our hope is that these stories from the field help you find new and innovative ways of using the latest technologies in your own market.

See how one REALTOR® is using the RPR app to impress online prospects

“By working RPR Mobile™ into the equation, I’m able to reply instantly to the lead from the side of the road, in a parking lot, or at any office—capitalizing on the opportunity to elevate awareness of my brand, earn clients and close more deals.” – Dale Chumbley

Mobile app delivers on-the-go access for on-the-run agent

“You don’t remember everything you’ve been told but when you see something, and you are told something, your mind retains it much better. RPR Mobile™ makes that whole process smooth with its slick performance and incredible options. And it’s so easy to use, even for those who feel challenged by technology.” – Bill Lublin

Pay-it-forward style of leadership pays off for Ohio-based broker

“I may not have the resources that franchises have, so in order for me to attract and retain a top-notch teams of agents, I have to be at the top of my game in terms of the leadership I provide and resources I bring to the agency.” – Jerry Holden

A Member Benefit with Better Data and Branded Reports

“RPR is a source of value that I just can’t put a dollar amount to. There is no other single source that I know of that compiles this much data into one report. And it’s included in my NAR dues!” – Adrienne “Abe” Wagner

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