New REALTOR® gets her feet off the ground with RPR

Within a month of launching her first major farming campaign, Alicia Villarreal DeLeon landed six listings and has one more in the pipeline as this article goes to press.

It began with a simple flyer that caught Alicia’s eye while visiting her local board. “The flyer described a member benefit called RPR® [Realtors Property Resource®],” she recalls. “It said every agent has exclusive access and that it has all kinds of resources to help me with my business … and it’s free!”

So Alicia, who has been practicing real estate for less than a year, set out to learn how she could use RPR to get her business up and running in a big way. “Every single morning I went to RPR’s blog and picked a different topic to learn,” she said. “I think by now I’ve tried almost all the webinars and eBooks!”

Alicia Villarreal DeLeon
Brownsville, TX

The work paid off. Last month Alicia landed a half dozen new listings using a method she learned in her favorite RPR eBook, The Guide to Geographic Farming eBook. “The eBook taught me how to use the Market Activity Report as an icebreaker with homeowners, especially those whose listings have expired. It positioned me as a market expert. Everything took off from there.”

RPR’s Market Activity Report is a snapshot of all the changes in a local real estate market. It includes a list of active, pending, sold, expired and distressed properties, including recent price changes.
By running the report, Alicia identified expired listings in her area and then went door to door, giving homeowners a folder of information, including the report. “The report lists the homeowner’s name so when they open the door, I can greet them accordingly,” she said. “I then say, ‘I was doing a market analysis on this area and noticed your listing has expired. I’d like to talk to you more about why it didn’t turn out as you expected and how my knowledge of the market might make a difference, beginning with this report.’” She then goes through the Market Activity Report with the homeowner, showing what has sold in the area and new listings so they can compare features, square footage, etc.

“I’m surprised by how positively people respond to my door knocking campaign,” said Alicia. “Getting all of these listings in one month is fantastic. I’m really excited about using this method on a regular basis.”

Alicia also takes advantage of the popular Add Custom Pages tool for her RPR reports. “I add my information and experience as a REALTOR® and some marketing materials, like my staging and professional photography services. I also add an RPR Property Flyer which includes a photo of their house. It represents that I do more than place a sign in the yard.”

Beyond that front-door introduction, Alicia sends the homeowner a monthly RPR Market Activity Report to keep them informed about what is going on in the area. “I know that they will not always say yes the first time, so I leave the folder and ask for their email so I can stay in touch. I am not only trying to sell them a service but showing them I have knowledge about the market. That way they see the value of having a REALTOR®.”

“I can not imagine having this success without RPR.”

With two dozen topics to choose from – Getting Started, Open Houses, Listing Presentations, and the RPR app, and a host of materials for other industry segments – there’s no shortage of how far REALTORS® can go with RPR’s learning center. See for yourself.

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