REALTOR® says it’s all about the RPR app

“RPR’s app is like my MLS on steroids,” says Alex Cortez, a Maui-based REALTOR® affiliated with Island Sotheby’s International Realty. Four years ago, Alex came across Realtors Property Resource (RPR) as part of his research for an MLS training course he was leading. He was immediately hooked.

“The app gives me everything I need to work with clients,” says Alex. Recently, the eight-year industry veteran was out with clients who suddenly inquired about a listing not previously on their radar. “While in the car, I pulled up the RPR app, searched for the property, created a property report and texted it to them right then and there.” According to Alex, the clients were stunned by both the immediacy of his ability to provide data and the level of detail provided in that report.

Alex Cortez
Island Sotheby’s International Realty
Maui, Hawaii

“They couldn’t believe how comprehensive the report was,” remarked Alex. “And how I did it so quickly.” He said he wasn’t totally surprised when the client put a prompt offer on the house.

“When you’re out there, doing showings and need to know about listings across the street, or anywhere for that matter, being able to search via the RPR-based map is unbelievably valuable, especially when RPR data includes both public records and listing data.”

Speaking to the app’s new map enhancements –– a simple icon on the homescreen that expands to display popular search features such as distance, travel time, traffic, schools and more –– Alex expresses a new level of customer satisfaction.

“RPR is built for productive agents,” he says. “The new interface gets you where you need to be … quickly.” Alex notes that getting there and then maximizing the apps offerings are what keeps him coming back to the platform.

“While touring a property, I use the app to add notes and photos,” Alex says. “That singular feature keeps me ahead of the game.” He adds, “Let’s face it, when showing multiple homes they can start to blend in after a while. But the RPR app lets me record memos, take photos and then upload them to my reports!”

In all, Alex says he is completely committed to RPR as his go-to real estate data tool. “RPR has proven to be one of the best tools at my disposal,” he says. “Everything about RPR is first class.”

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