RPR Success Stories. Are you next?

By now you’ve heard of RPR.  We figured that while you’ve been hearing from us, you should also hear about RPR directly from your fellow REALTORS®. Each of these REALTORS® is successfully using RPR in cities across the country. While all different, each of these REALTORS® has found their own way to incorporate RPR into their business. Sit back, relax and prepare to be inspired.

Gordon Corsie

Have you ever gotten a listing appointment call at the worst moment possible?  That happened to Gordon Corsie from California.  Gordon was preparing to leave on vacation when he got a call for a new listing.  Completely out of paper in his printer, Gordon decided to create an RPR Report and show it to his client on an iPad.  Once he handed the potential client his iPad with a Property Report displayed, Gordon had a good feeling.  And he was right…he secured the listing! See Gordon’s RPR All Star video and learn more here.

Looking for an impressive way to quickly respond to leads? Joanne Taranto from Massachusetts can help you with that.  Joanne uses RPR to help her respond to cold leads she receives from her website, or other real estate portals.  Providing a comprehensive report from RPR, Joanne turns these cold leads into face-to-face meetings and even clients. Check out Joanne’s story here.

Ron Zahrt

Are you a REALTOR® from a rural area?  Wondering if RPR has tools that can help you in your business?  Ron Zahrt, a REALTOR® from Wisconsin, understands that many people think that REALTORS® in rural areas don’t have the same technology as ‘big cities’.  RPR allows him to prove that this couldn’t be further than the truth.  His sellers love the amount of information he can provide them from RPR.  Ron gives more details in his MyRPR All Star video.  See what he has to say here.

Do you specialize in commercial properties? Lou Lollio, a REALTOR® from Beverly Hills, California, does and uses RPR to increase his success.  When Lou began in the commercial industry, he quickly realized it was going to take a lot of time and money to get the research done on properties, areas and people that his clients demanded.  Enter RPR.  Lou now relies on RPR Commercial to provide him quick, accurate data in a focused area.  The results have been tremendous.  Get inspired by Lou by watching his complete story here.Debbie Kirkland

There are many more REALTORS® achieving success with RPR.  Debbie Kirkland of Florida has increased her business by $30,000!  Cathy Werner of Maryland has been able to use RPR reports to beat fellow REALTORS® for listings, Brint Wahlberg of Montana now used RPR exclusively for his CMA’s.  These REALTORS® are proving that RPR has the information clients demand in a format that not only impresses them, but is able to be delivered quickly.  So what are you waiting for?  Create your RPR account today!

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  1. Paul Martis
    Paul Martis says:

    RPR Commercial Success!
    My Assignment:
    Locate a 1000 square foot retail location at least 10 miles east of Naperville for a new wine retailer, need to be able to sell wine by the glass and seating outside.
    I located several potential retail sites along 63rd St, 75th st and Rte 83 in the communities of Downers Grove, Darien, Willlowbrook and Burr Ridge using Loopnet.com and collected traffic count information through IDOT.
    As I searched the RPR Commercial website, I was able to look for… what if… retail scenarios and it quickly became obvious that what I was finding went well beyond the scope of other commercial websites.
    With RPR Commercial, I was developing location preferences based on more than lease rates and traffic counts and I quickly maneuvered through the data.
    I was able to conduct a detailed analysis of consumer spending in several communities and then create mapping reports which visually identified potential opportunities within selected trade areas, a great tool worth using.
    @ 1-3 miles out from the selected small business location… Signage, Print Media Advertising and Social Media are common strategies incorporated into local marketing efforts.
    Not to be overlooked by the real estate professional is the area wide mapping data that is generated through the RPR commercial site. I almost missed the big picture as I realized that a strong secondary advertising market existed at 1-3 miles further east and direct mail was suggested to this targeted area.
    The visual representation of data displayed by RPR Commercial makes the process more comprehensive, exciting and easier for our clients as they look to start and grow their businesses.
    Realtors Property Resource, a real value added service.
    Thank you!


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