A Member Benefit with Better Data and Branded Reports

Adrienne “Abe” Wagner
Donegal, PA

Adrienne “Abe” Wagner, a seasoned REALTOR® with Berkshire Hathaway, Donegal, PA, believes if you’re not “green and growing,” then you’re “ripe and rotting.” Abe’s passion for learning bodes well for her in the real estate industry, which is an ever-evolving and challenging industry. True to her pursuit of excellence, Abe just completed her Master’s program at REALTOR® University and is ready to take on yet another professional goal … mastering the data and reporting tools within RPR®.

The Challenge

Like all seasoned REALTORS®, Abe has witnessed first hand the multitude of changes that our industry has embraced in recent years. From printed MLS books with less-than-real-time and limited data, to the revolutionary, technological age of easily accessed, online data and reporting at our fingertips. Not long ago, Abe and her counterparts relied on various external sources to generate reports, hoping beyond any doubt that the data, collected from multiple platforms, was accurate and consistent. Today, Abe draws her data from one singular, accurate source … RPR.

The Outcome

Abe’s pursuit for professional excellence is exactly what led her to Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®). She knew that only RPR could offer the most reliable data combined with custom branded reports. “It’s the way RPR is packaged,” declares an enthusiastic Abe. “RPR contains so much powerful information that I can’t access anywhere else, from price changes and demographics, to local economic conditions and the job market, I can immediately respond to every question my client has about a property or the area and get it all from one source, knowing it’s accurate.” Customizing that information into one, memorable and easy to digest report, branded with Abe’s contact info, is an added complement to the suite of data offered by RPR, says Abe. “My logo and information is on the front page of every report I generate for a client,” she said. “I access the RPR platform, adjust the RVM, generate my comps, and create a custom-branded report and present to the client. Their response is usually, ‘Wow!’” Abe underscores the value of RPR’s extensive reporting tools, “RPR is a source of value that I just can’t put a dollar amount to,” she said. “There is no other single source that I know of that compiles this much data into one report. And it’s included in my NAR dues!”

Adrienne “Abe” Wagner

I access the RPR platform, adjust the RVM, generate my comps, and create a custom-branded report and present to the client. Their response is usually, ‘Wow!’”

Adrienne “Abe” WagnerREALTOR®


  • 2012 President Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers
  • 2007 National Association of Realtors Director
  • 2004 PA CRB and CRS President
  • Past Broker of Record at 7 Springs Resort
  • 2007 Pa Realtors Education
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