Neighborhood reports especially helpful for relocating military families

Andrea Bakewell
Little Rock, Arkansas

Educating clients is at the top of Andrea Bakewell’s priority list. In her eight years on the job in Little Rock, AR, Bakewell has made it her mission to ensure clients know the area they are moving into, especially military families.

The Challenge

“As a military family, you are often relocated to a place you’ve never been before,” said Andrea. She adds that many military families will search online, finding a house before visiting the area, only to become disillusioned when they see the area first hand. “Many of the online real estate sites don’t have all the information clients need to make a decision, like demographics, economics, etc.,” said Andrea.

The Outcome

Andrea turns to the RPR® Neighborhood Report on a frequent basis when working with relocating clients. “When we have a family coming in and they want to know more about a specific area, I just generate that Neighborhood Report, based on the house they’re interested in seeing, and it answers all of their questions in one place,” she says. Andrea also uses the Neighborhood Report with clients moving out of the area to help them better understand the area they are moving to next. “It’s even helpful for military families that are relocating out.”

But it’s not just the Neighborhood Reports that Andrea relies on. Recently, she was competing with another REALTOR® for a listing. Naturally, Andrea showed up to the appointment with an RPR Report. After completing her presentation, her client said, “After looking at your report, compared to the last agent, hands-down we’re going with you.” For Andrea, the ‘wow’ factor her RPR Reports provide her clients are second to none.

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Andrea Bakewell

“I have won several listing appointments because of RPR Reports.”

Andrea BakewellREALTOR®


  • REALTOR® for 8 years
  • Relocation Specialist
  • Director, Cooperative Arkansas REALTOR® Multiple Listing Services, Inc. (CARMLS)
  • President-Elect for the North Pulaski Board of REALTORS®
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