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Andrew Ostrander REALTOR®

Andrew Ostrander uses RPR’s comparables to focus in on the value of a home

Andrew Ostrander has worked in many different areas of real estate, beginning his career in the commercial sector and moving on to residential real estate. At the core, Andrew’s found that no matter what area he’s working in, what he enjoys most is really helping the people, helping his clients. Learning all aspects of the business has definitely given him the expertise to truly be able to help his clients find their dream homes, and RPR has become the tool that makes Andrew the expert.

The Challenge

Finding the true accuracy of a home’s worth isn’t always as clear cut as one might think. With remodels, upgrades, or changes in the market, a home’s value can fluctuate greatly. Andrew has found that the additional level of comps, especially based on remodeling features has been an invaluable asset to his business. “It allows you to determine if it was a small, medium, or large remodel and the impact that may have in value down to a $5,000 or $10,000 adjustment. That really helps you hone in on the accuracy of value.”

The Result

Having a tool like RPR in Andrew’s business has made him a better REALTOR®. Not only can he assist his own clientele, but RPR has also made Andrew a valuable asset in referring clients to other markets. In one instance, Andrew’s wife had a close friend looking to sell her home. She lived out of state, but approached Andrew for some advice, knowing that he was a real estate professional. Using RPR, Andrew was able to give her a rough idea of what the value of her home might be and help her engage another professionals in her area. “What was great about that, is that I got a referral fee, helped my wife’s friend and it was all because of the RPR tool.”

Realtor Property Resource has given Andrew a tool in his business that sets him above the rest. Utilizing all the robust features of RPR, Andrew has brought value to both his internal business and the business of referring clients outside his market. “We have a lot of tools we have access to, many of them all want our dollar. This is a tool that is free to us, provided inside our MLS tool and I think REALTORS® are crazy not to be using it. It's a tool that makes me a better REALTOR®, so why as a REALTOR® wouldn't I be using it?”


  • CEO Ostrander Real Estate Group -Keller Williams
  • Owner of O2CreativePR
  • Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) Certified
  • ePro Certified
  • Keller Williams (KW) Bronze Medal - 2011


I am a better REALTOR® because of RPR. It gives me an opportunity to not only do an additional level of comps but it also provides me an opportunity to do additional research, especially out of state.”


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