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Brint Wahlberg, REALTOR®

Brint Wahlberg feels confident and secure using Realtors Property Resource®

Brint Wahlberg grew up in the business of real estate. His mother, Judy, began selling in 1978, and in 2000, Brint joined her on a full-time basis. Brint's passion for his industry has led to him seeking out the most advanced and intuitive technology available to maximize the amount of information and services that he can provide to his clients.


The state of Montana, like many other western states, is a non-disclosure state. This means that its public records do not disclose the sales prices of properties. The security of the RPR site and the MLS data was a major concern in adopting the RPR platform for the Missoula Organization of REALTORS®. Although RPR's standard contract ensures data security, Brint explains that RPR worked one-on-one with his MLS on further defining their contract so everyone in his felt comfortable. “The folks at RPR were really receptive. They worked with us and it’s been excellent. We’ve had no problems in the last three years.”


RPR has now become Brint’s one-stop shop for all reporting needs. “I use RPR all the time. In fact, I stopped doing CMA’s all together. I just do an RPR report.” Brint loves the new comp analysis feature that RPR offers, where he can both bring in his own sales data and adjust prices based on his own opinions. It allows him to set his own price ranges and really personalize his reports.

For Brint, he appreciates the analytical and mathematical approach that RPR takes, giving him an edge with the data he presents. The application makes him more efficient with his time, and does a better a job than anything he’s used in the past. “When I’m competing with another REALTOR® and they’ve got a CMA and I’ve got an RPR Report, I’m head and shoulders above them everytime,” says Brint.

RPR was able to not only ease the concerns over all security of data issues, but was also able to provide an invaluable tool for Brint and the Missoula REALTORS®.


  • REALTOR® since 2000
  • Windermere Real Estate
  • 2013 Missoula Association of REALTORS® Choice winner
  • 2011 Missoula Association of REALTORS® - REALTOR® of the Year
  • 2011/12/13 Western District Vice President


When I’m competing against another REALTOR and they’ve got a CMA and I’ve got an RPR report, I’m head and shoulders above them every time.


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