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Colin Mullane, REALTOR®

Colin Mullane On Realtors Property Resource®

Colin Mullane is with Full Circle Real Estate in Ashland, Oregon and has been a REALTOR® since 2000. Colin is originally from Ireland, moving to Oregon in 1996. He’s very passionate about the industry and believes very strongly that REALTORS® are a fundamental part of the real estate market and a huge help in the transactional phase for buyers and sellers.

When the concept of RPR was first rolled out to NAR members in 2009, Colin was there. He remembers lots of discussion in the room, some favorable and some unfavorable. Colin and others had some initial concerns as to what RPR might look like in their market. But after working closely with his board and RPR representatives, they satisfied their concerns and were encouraged that RPR would be a great technology partner for their MLS.

As a result, they became the first MLS in the state of Oregon to adopt RPR and gain access to the integrated county data, MLS data, foreclosure data and other crucial data sets –all available in reports for clients. Colin recalls their initial concerns were absolutely met by NAR. “They worked very hard with us and our attorneys so we could fully understand what the implications would be for either party if we felt uncomfortable at any point”, says Colin. “We felt very comfortable, we moved forward! We are very happy, our REALTOR® members are happy, and it’s possibly one of the most unique tools we’ve been able to provide to REALTORS® here locally!”


  • Colin Mullane, REALTOR®
  • Full Circle Real Estate in Ashland, Oregon


“In the last year and a half we’ve had RPR in Southern Oregon, they have been a fantastic technology partner and I would recommend any MLS have serious discussions if you haven’t already about what the benefits would be to work with RPR.”

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