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Dave Kidder, REALTOR®

Dave Kidder couples his expertise and experience with RPR® to provide his clients with the information they need to make an informed decision.

Dave Kidder, a REALTOR® from Fresno, CA, is always looking for a way to set himself apart from other agents. Specializing in new homes and specifically the “Builder Trade-In Program,” Dave works to make sure his clients have all the information they need whether they are buying, selling or investing.

The Challenge

As a REALTOR®, Dave is always looking to find the best value for the clients money. During the buying or selling process, it can be difficult to find the comparable homes in an area, especially when working with new homes. Recently, Dave had a listing where it was challenging to find comparable homes nearby. Knowing how critical comps are to accurately pricing a home, Dave found himself needing a way to expand his search to find properties that would work for his CMA.

The Result

By using RPR and widening his search to a 6-mile radius, Dave was able to find areas very comparable to the seller’s neighborhood. After creating a comprehensive report, he met with an appraiser and handed over the RPR report. The appraiser then came back with the same value Dave showed in RPR. He believes that without the RPR report, the appraiser would not have valued the house at the selling price.

RPR goes further than just the transaction. It enables Dave to keep his clients informed of market changes in the area, as well as how the economy is changing and effecting the pricing and values of homes. He uses the mapping features in RPR to quickly assess the properties in an area. “The mapping features (in RPR) give a very visual demonstration the homes in the area, the values of those homes, the conditions of those homes, and whether they’ve sold, expired, distressed, right at the clients’ hands. It helps them establish the value in their own mind.”


  • In the Real Estate industry since 1977
  • REALTOR® for 9 years
  • Specializes in New Homes
  • Well versed in 1031 Exchanges


"RPR® creates a win-win for both the agents and the customers.”


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