Pinellas Realtor® Organization launches RPR during their 100 year anniversary

David Bennett
Clearwater, Florida

The Pinellas Realtor® Organization followed RPR’s story from the beginning.  When looking for something special to bring to their members for their 100 year anniversary, David Bennett, PRO’s CEO, knew RPR was just what his members needed.  “We found that the RPR product had rich consumer-centric reports, and that’s what our members were looking for.”  The combination of their rich MLS data with robust tax data from RPR gave his members a fanstastic consumer experience, not to mention maximum exposure for their listings.

The Result

RPR was introduced to Pinellas members in 2012. From custom branding, to numerous datasets, the PRO members are enjoying this NAR member benefit.  Within the first 3 months, over 20 brokers added RPR’s Broker Tool Sets.  David adds, “The brokers love the broker tools.  It gives them a way to brand their franchise and give their agents a competitive advantage.” Brokers and agents alike are taking full advantage of RPR.  Shouldn’t you?

David Bennett

We found that the RPR product had rich consumer-centric reports, and that’s what our members were looking for

David BennettCEO, Pinellas Realtor® Organization


  • President and CEO of Pinellas Realtor® Organization (PRO) in Clearwater, Florida
  • Worked in REALTOR® organizations for over 15 years
  • CEO of Osceola County Association of REALTORS® from 2006-2008
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